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Finding the Area of Objects
Grade: 4-6
Subject(s): None
  • Pencil for each student
  • Scrap paper for each student
    With this lesson, students will practice finding the area of rectangles and triangles. Also, they will find the missing dimension, when given the area and one of the dimensions. This lesson would be best to use after teaching the formulas for area and modeling how to use them.
    1. The teacher needs to download and print copies of the three worksheets and make copies for the students.
    2. It might be helpful to briefly review the formulas for the area of a rectangle and the area of triangle before giving the worksheets to the students.
    3. Start by passing out scrap paper and the worksheet called "Adam's Area Activity". This worksheet is the simplest of the three and will be a good warm-up for the students. The students can use the scrap paper to do the calculations for all three worksheets.
    4. Have the students complete the worksheet by calculating the area of each object.
    5. Review the answers with the students.
    6. Next, pass out the worksheet called "Calculate the Area". Have them complete it independently.
    7. Come back together as a class and do some practice problems together to find the missing dimension. Give the students the area and one dimension of an object, and then they will have to find the other.
    8. Have the students complete the worksheet called "Mark's Missing Dimensions".
    Follow-up Activities
    Have the students create some of their own "find the area" and "missing dimensions" problems and then switch with a partner to complete them.
    Downloadable Worksheets
    Mac users: To download, ctrl-click on the worksheet and choose "save link to disk"
  • Adam's Area Activity
  • Calculate the Area
  • Mark's Missing Dimensions
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    Erin Kellner
    6th Grade Technology Teacher
    Argyle Middle School
    Owings Mills MD