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Chesapeake Bay Organisms
Grade: 5-6
Subject(s): Researching
  • Internet Access
  • Overview
    Students will do research on the organism of their choice that lives in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. They are researching to find information about habitat, diet, environmental interactions, and reproduction, along with giving a description of the organism. The final product will be a completed information table and a construction paper model.
    1. Before beginning the lesson, the teacher should compile a list of organisms living in the Chesapeake Bay.
    2. The teacher should download and print the Chesapeake Bay Organism Research Notes, and the Organism Organizer. Make enough copies for each student.
    2. Have students choose an organism from the Chesapeake Bay to research.
    3. Hand out the organism organizer and explain what information the students will be researching about their organism.
    4. Give the students the links to the Web sites included in this lesson.
    5. Have the students use the links to do their research. As they find information, have them write it on the research notes page.
    6. After the students have found all of the information that is required for the final organizer, have them write the information in the correct part of the organizer. Or, the students can download the worksheet, save it, and type their information into the organizer.
    7. Finally, have each student create a construction paper model of their organism. All organism models should be displayed together on a large blue poster representing the Chesapeake Bay.
    Follow-up Activities
    Have the students present their organizer to the class or in a small group to teach other students about an organism in the Chesapeake Bay.
    Downloadable Worksheets
    Mac users: To download, ctrl-click on the worksheet and choose "save link to disk"
  • Organism Research Notes
  • Organism Organizer
  • Maryland Department of Natural Resources
  • Chesapeake Bay Program
  • Chesapeake Bay Foundation
  • Invasives in the Chesapeake
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    Erin Kellner
    6th Grade Technology Teacher
    Argyle Middle School
    Owings Mills MD
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