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Researching Source Documents
Grade: 6-12
Subject(s): Writing
Required products: Tool Factory Word Processor, Tool Factory Database
  • Digital Camera - Optional
    We're going to research source documents in the library and on the internet, then build a database to search and sort out the reference material.
    Visit the library and bring a digital camera.
    - If you have 3 X 5 cards, you can bring them to transcribe each source document.
    - If you are building your database on the computer, then bring the database and transcribe each source into the database.

    1) Locate a book using the card catalog or domputer search system.
    2) Transcribe the bibliographical information.
    3) Cite the source.
    4) Get your reference.

    Log information into a database.
    Downloadable Worksheets
    Mac users: To download, ctrl-click on the worksheet and choose "save link to disk"
  • Collecting Source Documents-PGS format
  • Source Documents-BMP format
  • Visit Google to do a search.
  • Using Primary Sources on the Web.
  • Click images to enlarge