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Memory Game of Shapes and Solids
Grade: K-4
Subject(s): None
Required products: Tool Factory Word Processor
  • Internet Access and/or Digital Camera
  • Card Stock for Printer (This works best if you can find Card Stock or Heavy paper that has a pattern or design on one side.)
  • Color Deskjet or Color Laser
    Students will locate or take pictures of shapes and solids like spheres, rectangles and pyramids and use the images to create a Memory Game.
    1. Discuss the following shapes and solids You may show pictures or disuss properties of each shape. Depending on your age group you can leave out some of these shapes or solids.
    Circle Triangle
    Square Rectangle
    Trapezoid Diamond
    Hexagon Octogon

    Cube Prism
    Cone Sphere

    2. Have the students locate pictures of their surroundings that have these shapes. They can use the Internet or they can take pictures using digital cameras. Some suggested picture websites are below.

    3. Have the students save pictures or download them from the camera into a folder on the Desktop or Documents called Shape Pictures.

    4. Have the students open the Memory Squares File (Tool Factory Word Processor) from the Downloadable Worksheets Below and insert the pictures they found into the appropriate squares. They will need to resize the pictures to fit into the squares provided.

    5. Print the Memory Squares pages onto Card Stock or Heavy Paper. This works best if you can find some Card Stock or Heavy Paper with a design on one side. You can print the Memory Squares onto the clean side. This will leave a matching pattern on the back of each card. Cut out all of your squares to make cards for the Memory Game.

    6. If you dont have any patterned paper, use the Card Pattern File (Tool Factory Word Processor) from the Downloadable Worksheets Below. Have the students locate on the Internet or use the Digital Camera to find a neat pattern they like and download it into the Shapes Pictures Folder. They will need to insert this image into the file, resize it to fit the squares and copy and paste it into all the squares. Print the Card Patterns onto Card Stock and paste them onto the back side of each card from the Memory Squares.

    7. Have the students pair up, trade their game and play each others card games.

    8. Enjoy

    Follow-up Activities
    Try making another game with pairs from another curriculum objective like Fractions.
    Cross-Curriculum Ideas
    This Memory Game idea has endless possibilities. There are all kinds of pairs you can use to make new cards.
    Downloadable Worksheets
    Mac users: To download, ctrl-click on the worksheet and choose "save link to disk"
  • Memory Squares Worksheet
  • Card Pattern Worksheet
  • Tool Factory Clipart
  • Pics 4 Learning Image Collection
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