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Estimating Length
Grade: K-3
Subject(s): Counting
Required products: Tool Factory Word Processor
Students will look through pictures in the bank to find items that are about one inch in length and one foot in length.
1) Open the "Estimating Length" worksheet in Tool Factory Word Processor.
2) Select FILE>SAVE AS and save the worksheet as the student's own.
3) Show the student how to open and view the clip art bank. Find items that are about one inch long and objects that are about one foot long.
4) Show students how to resize clip art.
5) Show students how to click and drag clip art into the chart under the correct heading.
6) Have the student complete the worksheet by clicking and dragging clip art into the chart.
7) Remind students to save their work.

If you do not have Tool Factory Word Processor, print out the worksheet called Estimating Length- Cut and Paste. Have students look through magazines to find items which are longer and shorter than one inch. Students can paste answers onto the T-chart under the correct heading.
Follow-up Activities
Have students find items in the classroom that are about one inch long and one foot long. Make a large T-chart on the floor for students to put their findings in.
Downloadable Worksheets
Mac users: To download, ctrl-click on the worksheet and choose "save link to disk"
  • Estimating Length
  • More Than an Inch
  • Less Than an Inch
  • Estimating Length Template
  • Estimating Length Answer Key
  • Estimating Length- Cut and Paste
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