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Reading Directions - Reading to Perform a Task
Grade: 3-4
Subject(s): Researching
Required products: Tool Factory Word Processor, Tool Factory Painter
  • Set of directions for students to do silly things (download example below)
  • Chart paper with set of directions to model
  • Computer with Tool Factory Paint
  • Question for journal made in Microsoft Word
  • Overview
    Students will be able to read to perform a task.
    1. Have directions pre-written on the chart paper.
    a. Read all directions before you begin.
    b. Log on to the computer.
    c. Double-click on Tool Factory Painter.
    d. You are to create a symmetrical picture. The picture will have 2 sides, each is a mirror image of the other side.
    e. To create the symmetrical picture, click on the symmetry icon at the top of the screen. It looks like a piece of paper with a person on it.
    f. Right click on the symmetry icon.
    g. Click on “Left/Right”.
    h. Click on “OK”.
    i. Now bring the cursor over to the left side of the screen to where it says “bank”.
    j. Click on the area that has shapes.
    k. Click on the star.
    l. Click on the color red at the right side of the screen.
    m. Now, put your cursor on one part of the paper.
    n. Click one time using the left button of your mouse and roll the mouse to elarge the star to the size you want.
    o. When the star is as large as you want it, you will notice there is a mirror image on the other side, left click again to drop off the star. Your cursor is free again.
    p. Now, click on second bank button at the top of the bank.
    q. Click on the stamp to turn it on.
    r. Click on the third bank button at the top of the bank. This will take to the picture part of the bank.
    s. Right click on any picture; a box will appear called “Stamp Properties.” Click on “Decrease Size” until you reach 40 % then click “OK.”
    t. Roll your mouse over the page and you will see the stamp. Click to drop the picture on the paper. Look at the symmetry of the picture.
    u. Now, take the cursor up to “File” in the menus. Left click on “File.”
    v. Go down to “Print.” Click on “Print”.
    w. You now have your symmetrical picture made using Tool Factory Painter.

    2. Have students sit on the carpet where they can see the chart paper and computer.
    3. Explain that today we are going to read directions to perform a task. We must work very carefully when reading directions and read EVERYTHING!
    4. Read the directions on the chart to the class and perform the task as directed.
    5. After you perform the task using Tool Factory Painter, tell the students that they are now going to read a set of directions to perform a task.
    6. Tell the students that once you hand out the directions you are not going to say a word. They must read all the directions on their own. (For those students that are really struggling, you may read along with them).
    7. Hand out the directions. The last direction says to answer the question that is on their desk in their journal so pass the direction out as they read.
    8. Remind students to turn their journals in when they complete the task.
    9. When students are done and have turned in their journals, discuss the question they answered in their journal. “What did you learn about reading directions to perform a task?”
    10. If students finish early (which many will as they giggle and watch those that didn’t follow all the directions) they are to read an independent reading book.
    Follow-up Activities
    Students can write a set of directions for a friend to follow and complete.
    Cross-Curriculum Ideas
    Social studies: write a set of directions to create something that is commonly made by the Native Americans.
    Science: write a set of directions to complete an experiment in electricity.
    Math: Write a set of directions to create a symmetrical shape.
    Downloadable Worksheets
    Mac users: To download, ctrl-click on the worksheet and choose "save link to disk"
  • Student Directions made in Tool Factory Word Processor
  • Journal Question made in Microsoft Word
  • Student Directions in Microsoft Word
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