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Angles - Right, Acute, and Obtuse
Grade: 2-4
Subject(s): Art
Required products: Tool Factory Painter
  • Photos
  • Worksheet made in Tool Factory
  • Computer
  • LCD Projector/TV
  • White Board/Chalk Board
  • Marker/Chalk
  • Three Crayons (red, blue, green) for each student
  • Overview
    Students will be able to identify different kinds of lines and angles.
    1. Explain to students that today we are going to look at lines and angles. Ask a student to come to the board and draw a line.
    2. Ask another student to come up and draw an angle. They may get stuck on this a bit (though they probably looked at angles a bit in 2nd grade)
    3. On the board draw three angles, an acute angle (less than 90 degrees), an obtuse angle (greater than 90 degrees), and a right angle (90 degrees).
    4. Ask the students if they can see anything in the room that looks like any of these angles. They should find things such as the corner of their desks is a right angle or the door is a right angle. They may notice the hanging flag forms an acute angle.
    5. Now have the students stand up behind their desks. This is going to give them a bit of a workout on their arms. Have them hold their arms out to make a right angle. Have them see your arms making a right angle and then try it themselves. Then have them make an acute angle (remind them that acute angles are cute and little!), finally make an obtuse angle. Have them make these angles several times. You can make it into a little game to see how fast they can make the correct angle. The game make them remember the angles, laughter ensues, and they will have a lot of fun with the exercise.
    6. Ask students again to see if they can find things around the room that make those angles. This time look for the kids who seemed to not get it the first time, but after acting it out they really know what to look for.
    7. Give students the worksheet and three crayons. Ask the students to color the right angles red, obtuse angles blue and acute angles green, on the attached worksheet.
    Follow-up Activities
    If you have one or more digital cameras on hand, allow students to go outside in teams to take pictures of angles they find on the playground and around the school. Working in teams, students can upload the pictures to the computer and use them for making a collage or a picture book about angles. They should keep a tally chart of how many of each angle the students find so they don't take too many pictures of just one angle. Encourage them to look for all kinds.
    Cross-Curriculum Ideas
    As a follow-up art project, students can create drawings using different kinds of angles. For older grades, students must find the degree the angle is at while drawing their picture. Have compasses available for those students.
    Downloadable Worksheets
    Mac users: To download, ctrl-click on the worksheet and choose "save link to disk"
  • Angles Sheet made in Tool Factory Painter
    Tessa Weiss
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