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Lesson 7 - Presentation
Grade: 3-5
Subject(s): Writing
Required products: Tool Factory Word Processor
  • Story we wrote together on the chart paper
  • Computer
  • Color printer
  • Nice paper
  • Pens
  • Markers, crayons, colored pencils
  • Overview
    This is a 7 part lesson using the 6 + 1 Traits of Writing

    Before you get to this point, you must leave enough time for peer conferences and teacher conferences.

    The objective for Lesson 7 (Presentation):
    Students will be able to present their writings in a variety of ways.

    1. Explain to students that we have now completed the 6 Traits of Writing. We still have the +1, which is how we present our projects.
    2. Our grammar is perfect; our writing is very easy to read. We are so proud of our writing and now it is time to show it off! So we must think of the best way to present our projects.
    3. My class has spent a good amount of time using the computer and many love to present in PowerPoint, however, there are still some students who really prefer the paper and pencil method still. Remind students that it is whichever way are the most comfortable for them and the way that is going to present their project in the best way.
    4. Give the options of writing their stories as a Power Point turned into a picture book. They can create a picture book by hand as well. They can write their presentation using Tool Factory Word Processor, or they can even present on a poster.
    5. Ask students to share some ways in which they would like to present their projects. This allows for other students who are having trouble coming up with ideas to get some ideas.
    6. Get an idea of how many kids need to use the computer so you know if you need to reserve the computer lab for an extended period of time.
    7. Send students back to their seats to complete writing their projects. As they finish their 2nd draft, send them to where they need to be to write their final/published copy.
    8. When all students have completed the writing assignment, have a showcase of all their work. You can invite parents to come in for a viewing of the writings. Make a big deal over their published writing. This is what they have been waiting for!
    9. Smile, you are done! Move on to the next writing piece!
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