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Lesson 6 - Conventions
Grade: 3-5
Subject(s): Writing
Required products: Tool Factory Spreadsheet
  • Story from the previous lessons
  • Colored markers
  • Checklist for lower writers to use while editing friends writing - made in Tool Factory Spreadsheet
  • Overview
    This is a 7 part lesson using the 6 + 1 Traits of Writing

    The objective for Lesson 6 (Conventions):
    Students will be able to edit their writing.
    1. Have students come to the carpet with their writing notebooks.
    2. Review progress on our story so far. Explain that we researched three subjects and a place. We then organized them into a story, which led us to looking at our sentence fluency, word choice, and voice. We are now coming to the final stages of the rough draft phase of writing. We are going to look at our conventions, which is our grammar. We want to not just check for spelling errors, but also search for missing commas and confirm correct punctuation usage.
    3. Have students look at the story together, read through it again. Chances are that the higher writers have already noticed some mistakes and have been waiting so patiently to correct you. This is their big chance!
    4. Remind students that it is always important to capitalize the first letter of every sentence, use commas when writing words in a series or when writing a date, and use punctuation at the end of every sentence. Look for these items while editing the writing.
    5. Explain to students that sometimes it is really difficult to edit your own writing. You have spent so long looking at the writing that you look past your errors. It is a good idea to have someone else review your writing for errors.
    6. Today you are going to switch writings with a friend. You are going to make sure your friend has capital letters at the beginnings of all sentences, punctuation at the ends, and commas where needed.
    7. For your lower writers, attached a check list of things to look for (link below).
    8. Ask students to switch writings with someone while on the carpet to make sure that everyone has someone else’s writing piece and no one is left out.
    9. Before sending students back to their seats, ask if anyone would like a checklist to help them keep track of what they are looking for in their partners writing. You may find that it is not just the lower writers that need it. This will also make them feel as though they are not alone.
    10. When you see that everyone has someone else’s notebook they may go back to their seats.
    11. Again, leave time at the end for sharing writing with the class, table, or partner.
    Follow-up Activities
    Begin putting together presentation.
    Downloadable Worksheets
    Mac users: To download, ctrl-click on the worksheet and choose "save link to disk"
  • Editing Checklist in Tool Factory Spreadsheet Format
  • Editing Checklist in Excel Format
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