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Lesson 4 - Voice
Grade: 3-5
Subject(s): Writing
  • Story from last lesson
  • Markers
    This is a 7 part lesson using the 6 + 1 Traits of Writing

    The objective for Lesson 4 (Voice):
    Students will be able to add their voice into their writing.
    1. Have students sit on the carpet and read out loud, the story that we wrote last time we met.
    2. Ask the students if the story sounds the way I would speak. They will probably say "no". Ask them why it does not sound like me. They should hopefully respond that it sounds like I am just telling them facts about the Tklinkits, bears, deer, and Alaska.
    3. Ask them for suggestions on what to do in order to make it more interesting to the reader, and to make it sound more like something that I might say or read to them.
    4. Explain to the students that when we were looking for our word choice, we were putting in details that we learned during research. We did not add in details that we necessarily observed. We wrote “the bear went into his den.” If we wanted to add some voice in, we might want to add some details into our story of what we observed while reading the research books. We may have seen something in the pictures of the book that we did not read about or we may have made an inference about something we read. So instead of writing “the bear went into his den” we may change it to “the bear went into his dark, weed-infested, den.” This not only gives readers an idea of what it looks like in the den, but also it tells the reader what you noticed, therefore, what interested you.
    5. Tell the students, if it interests them, it probably will interest their reader as well.
    6. Pull out a few more sentences from the story and ask students how we might change it.
    7. Remind them and show them, it is always OK to go back into the books we used for research to get more ideas!
    8. Also, remind students to always remember, if it interests them, it will interest their writer. They have to be the first ones to be happy with what they wrote, not the reader.
    9. Send students back to their seats to continue working on their story and to make any necessary changes.
    10. Allow time at the end for students to share what they found today, maybe a sentence or two that they changed to make sure it was showing their voice.
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