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Lesson 2 - Organization
Grade: 3-5
Subject(s): Writing
Required products: Tool Factory Word Processor
  • Charts from "Lesson 1 - Research" (link to Lesson 1 below)
  • 2 model graphic organizers: "Story Map", and "Beginning, Middle, and End"
  • Markers
  • Individual graphic organizers
  • Overview
    This is a 7 part lesson using the 6 + 1 Traits of Writing

    The objective for Lesson #2 (Organization):
    Students will be able to use the research they collected to being writing a fictional story.

    1. Review the research completed in lesson 1 (link below).
    2. Explain that today we are going to look at how to organize our research into a story.
    3. Ask students to think about the three subjects and one place. Ask students, what are some themes of stories you have read? They should come up with ideas such as friendship, love, and greed.
    4. Model for students that since the example characters are a young boy and two animals, we are going to make the theme of our example story, greed and friendship. Explain that while researching we learned that many Native Americans use nature as resources for food, clothing, etc. Remind students that we learned that Native Americans use to hunt (some still do) for their food and use the other parts of the animal for clothes, jewelry, etc.
    5. Model by thinking aloud. Based on our research about Natives, we are going to begin a story where the boy is greedy and wants to find the biggest and fiercest bear in the forest to hunt. Along the way the boy is going to meet a deer who teaches him about being greedy. Eventually, the boy will cross paths with a large bear and he will have to make a decision whether to be greedy or not.
    6. Tell the students that using our idea, we will organize the story using a graphic organizer.
    7. Show both organizers and explain that we have two choices here. The first organizer is a story map (Characters, Problem, Events, and Solution). The other organizer is a basic three fold organizer of beginning, middle, and end. You may decide who works on which organizer depending on your writers. Fill both organizers in using the story example, and show that whichever organizer we use, we will still come out with the same story.
    8. After filling in the organizers, hand out individual organizers to students (they still have the choice of the two) and send students back to their seats to work.
    9. Again, leave enough time for students to share what they have done so far in their writing, as a class, a team, or with a partner.
    10. Put organizer in writer's folder for the next time we meet.
    Follow-up Activities
    Students who finish early can begin writing their stories in their writer's notebook.
    Downloadable Worksheets
    Mac users: To download, ctrl-click on the worksheet and choose "save link to disk"
  • Beginning, Middle, End Organizer in Tool Factory Word Processor
  • Story Map Organizer in Tool Factory Word Processor
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  • Lesson 3 - Word Choice
  • Lesson 4 - Voice
  • Lesson 5 - Sentence Fluency
  • Lesson 6 - Conventions
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