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Make Posters Using a Regular Printer
Grade: K-12
Subject(s): Art
Required products: Tool Factory Word Processor
  • Paper
  • (Optional) Paint program such as Tool Factory Painter or Fresco
  • (Optional) Digital Camera
  • Overview
    Create a poster for your classroom or school lobby. Print it out on a conventional 8.5”X11” printer, then tape the sheets together to make a large poster. Have the students make posters and hold a poster contest.
    Open Tool Factory Word Processor. The program automatically assumes you want an 8.5”X11” sheet of paper. We have to increase our page size, so that it is 2 sheets wide and 2 sheets tall. (Use 3 sheets for a larger poster).

    Here is how you make your page 2 sheets wide and 2 sheets tall.
    1) In the menus click FILE>PAGE SET UP.
    2) Click the “Custom” button. (This is the step everyone misses!)
    3) For Height, enter 2 Sheet.
    4) For Width, enter 2 Sheets.
    5) Click OK.
    Your page is now much larger. Use your (-) magnifying glass to zoom out so that you can see your entire poster.

    *TIP* Notice the light blue lines show the separation between each sheet. You can put picture on top of the cracks. The printer will automatically cut the pictures at the page breaks. Then you match and tape.

    Next you are going to add pictures and text to construct your poster.

    1) Click on the #2 bank button.
    2) You can browse the topics using the bank’s scroll bar.
    3) When you find a topic of interest, click the little plus + to the left of the topic (double clicking works too). The folder opens.
    4) You will see a list of pictures appear below the topic. Click on any item in the list and a thumbnail appears at the bottom of the bank.
    5) Click on the picture name again, and it will insert onto your poster. If you don’t see the picture, scroll your page to the top left. Most times pictures will automatically enter into the top left corner of your project.

    *TIP* There is a search at the bottom of the bank. Instead of browsing all those folders, search for a specific picture.

    1) Double-click the picture on the page. A red box appears around it.
    2) Roll your mouse over the picture on the page, hold the left mouse button down and drag it wherever you want (don't grab a handle, just grab anywhere on the picture).
    3) Let go of the mouse button to drop it.

    1) Double-click the picture on the page. A red box appears around it.
    2) Roll your mouse over any of the red handles in the corners. The mouse turns into a plus (+).
    3) Hold the left mouse button down and drag on the diagonal towards the center of the picture. It will get smaller or bigger, depending on the direction you drag.

    *TIP* Posters are very big. Use your magnifying glass to zoom in and out while construction your project. It is much easier to work with text and pictures when you are zoomed in very close. Then zoom out to see your entire poster.

    1) Double-click any picture on the page. A red box appears around it, and a green handle will appear in the middle.
    2) Roll your mouse over the green handle. The mouse turns into a bulls-eye.
    3) Hold the left mouse button down and drag in a circular motion. It will rotate in any direction.

    *TIP* Text can rotate too. Use the same steps on a textbox.

    You can enhance your posters with digital photos, particularly if you are making a poster for a school play. Your digital photos are NOT going to be in the bank. To insert one of your own digital photos, scroll to the right on the toolbar and find the "Picture" Icon. Here’s how:
    1) In the upper left of the toolbar is a left and right arrow. Click, click, click...the right arrow until you see the picture icon (it looks just like the #2 bank button).
    2) Click the "Picture" icon.
    3) Browse your drive and locate your digital photo.
    4) Click on the photo name.
    5) Click "Open". The photo will appear in the upper left corner usually.

    *TIP* If you click the cursor onto the page before you insert a picture, it will insert the picture right over top of the cursor. This will save you from scrolling to the upper left to find your new picture.

    Once you are happy with your poster, print it out. Get scissors and cut off the little borders, and tape your 4 sheets together. Now hang them in your classroom or on bulletin boards around the school to brighten hallways.
    Follow-up Activities
    Let your students work in groups to create posters. Use your current classroom theme. If you have a digital camera, let the students take photos to use in their posters.
    Downloadable Worksheets
    Mac users: To download, ctrl-click on the worksheet and choose "save link to disk"
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