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Greeting Cards and Invitations on the Computer
Grade: K-12
Subject(s): Writing
Required products: Tool Factory Word Processor
  • Paper
  • (Optional) Paint program such as Tool Factory Painter or Fresco
  • (Optional) Digital Camera
  • Overview
    Fold a sheet of paper in quarters. Using a pencil, create a mock-up of your greeting card on the folded paper, then build it on the computer using clip art and fun fonts.
    Start with a plain sheet of paper. Fold it in half, then fold it in half again the other way. You now have a blank greeting card. Draw your greeting on the front, inside and back, using lots of pictures. You can download the "Blank Guide" below and print it if you need a guide.

    When you unfold the paper, notice that two of your quadrants are right-side-up and two quadrants are up-side-down. With your unfolded paper as a guide, use the mock-up as a pattern to build your card on the computer. Remember, you are going to build the card unfolded, print it out, then fold the printout into your finished masterpiece. So you will actually be building two of your four quadrants up-side-down!

    Open Tool Factory Word Processor. Use your (-) magnifying glass to zoom out so that you can see your entire sheet of paper on the computer. Using your unfolded paper mock-up as a guide, build each of your quadrants on the computer page. Rotate the pictures and text in two of your quadrants. Print, then fold. Mail out!

    Tips: Search the bank for great artwork to enhance your project. Itís also fun to take digital photographs and integrate them into your cards and invitations.

    1) Click on the #2 bank button.
    2) You can browse the topics using the scroll bar.
    3) When you find a topic of interest, click the little plus + to the left of the topic (double clicking works too). The folder opens.
    4) You will see a list of pictures appear below the topic. Click on any item in the list and a thumbnail appears at the bottom of the bank. (If a thumbnail doesn't appear, you've clicked on a topic name, not an actual picture. Open the topic.)
    5) Click on the picture name again, and it will shoot onto the page.
    6) Double-click the picture on the page. A red box appears around it.
    7) Roll your mouse over the picture on the page and hold the left mouse button down and drag it to the correct quadrant (don't grab a handle, just grab anywhere on the picture).

    *TIP* There is a search at the bottom of the bank. Instead of browsing, search for a particular picture.

    1) Double-click the picture on the page. A red box appears around it.
    2) Roll your mouse over any of the red handles in the corners. The mouse turns into a plus (+).
    3) Hold the left mouse button down and drag on the diagonal towards the center of the picture. It will get smaller or bigger, depending on the direction you drag.

    1) Double-click any picture on the page. A red box appears around it, and a green handle will appear in the middle.
    2) Roll your mouse over the green handle. The mouse turns into a bulls-eye.
    3) Hold the left mouse button down and drag in a circle. It will rotate in any direction.

    *TIP* You always have to double-click a picture before you can rotate, resize, or move it. If you donít see the handles, then double-click!

    You can enhance your greeting cards and invitations with digital photographs. Your digital photos aren't going to be in the bank. To insert a digital photo, scroll down the toolbar and find the "Picture" Icon. It looks just like the #2 bank button.
    1) In the upper left of the toolbar is a left and right arrow. Click, click, click...the right arrow until you see the picture icon (it looks just like the #2 bank button).
    2) Click the "Picture" icon.
    3) Browse your drive and find your digital photo.
    4) Click on the photo name, and click "Open".
    Follow-up Activities
    Mail out your invitations and greeting cards! Try building invitations to a book party, then mail them to parent. Parents come to school at lunchtime and the students read from the book of choice. You can even take a digital photo of the book's cover, then show it on the invitation.
    Downloadable Worksheets
    Mac users: To download, ctrl-click on the worksheet and choose "save link to disk"
  • Blank Guide
  • Greeting Card
  • Invitation
  • Come to my Book Party-Lesson Plan and Templates
  • Tool Factory Fresco Link
  • Clip Art Station
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