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Creating Mountain Scenes With "Fill" Tools in Fresco
Grade: K-12
Subject(s): Art
Required products: Fresco
Create stunning mountain scenes using Fresco. Draw outlines of mountains then fill them with bright colors. Use your artwork as backgrounds for slide shows or for story backdrops.
Open Fresco.
Click on the pink paintbrush icon in the top left corner.
Select the pen and make your brush size small.
Roll your mouse over the palette and click the color black.
Draw outlines of your mountains across the screen.
***Be sure the outlines stretch all the way across the page or that the outlines connect. If there are any gaps between the lines, the color will "leak" into the next mountain.

Click on the bucket fill icon on the left.
Click the "Linear" square in the fill tool.
Now roll your mouse over the palette and click red.
There are 2 small yellow arrows right under the palette. Click on one of them.
Click blue on the palette.
Blue should be the foreground color (on top) and red should be the backgound color (on the bottom).
Roll your mouse over the sky and click one time. They sky should fill with a graduated sunset.

Click on the green color.
Click on a yellow arrow to send it to the back.
Click on light blue.
Roll your mouse over a mountain on the page and click one time.
Now pick different colors and fill in the rest of your mountains.

Add birds just using the black pen to make upside down "w"s.
Add a sun right where the two farthest mountains meet.
Follow-up Activities
Save your scenes and then use them as slide show backgrounds or as story backdrops.
Post your artwork and stories on the internet.
***You should save your art as JPG format so that it will post on the web.
Cross-Curriculum Ideas
English - Use Tool Factory Word Processor and combine your background with characters. Write a story.
Downloadable Worksheets
Mac users: To download, ctrl-click on the worksheet and choose "save link to disk"
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