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Publish Your Multimedia Presentation to CD
Grade: 6-12
Subject(s): Researching
Required products: MultiMedia Lab V
  • Multimedia Lab V
  • CD writer and blank writeable CD
    Students learn how to publish multimedia presentations to CD using Multimedia Lab V and view the project on other computers.
    First, you need to write your project to CD:

    1. Start Multimedia Lab V and open a project you've already created.
    2. On the menu bar, go to File, Publish Web Page, Create Installation.
    3. For the installation type, choose "Self-extracting Installation Program" and click Next.
    4. Choose the path where you want to temporarily place the program and make a note of the path so you can recall it later.
    5. Click Next, then Finish.
    6. Multimedia Lab V will tell you that the installation was successful. Click OK.
    7. Start your CD recording program that's on your computer. (Please note: you must have a CD-R or CD-RW drive to record to CDs.) With a recordable CD-ROM drive, the computer will come with software which will allow you to write projects to your CD. It will be located on your desktop. Open the CD creation software.
    8. Browse to the path you chose in step 4, and the filename will be "SetupYourProjectName.exe". For example, if your project name is "Newspaper" then the filename will be "SetupNewspaper.exe".
    9. Record your CD.

    Once the CD is finished burning, you can install your project to any computer with a CD-ROM drive:

    1. Insert the CD and double-click the My Computer icon on your desktop.
    2. Double-click your CD-ROM drive.
    3. Your project should appear in the window. Double-click it to install it. Note the path where it's installed.
    4. The project will automatically run after you install it.

    To run your project again later, you need to follow these steps:

    1. Open My Computer, then browse to the path you selected in step 3 (above) to run the project.
    2. The file you need to run will be an .htm or .hta file, such as Newspaper.htm. Double-click this file to run your project.