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About Us

Tool Factory is a leader in innovative educational technology and staff development solutions. Tool Factory's mission is to improve US education by providing superior educational software, hardware, staff development options, and an impressive lineup of special education products. The extensive online catalog offers a host of resources to reinvigorate any learning environment. Teachers, students, and parents join the Tool Factory staff in testing products to ensure that they are easy to navigate, fun to use, and beneficial to the learning process.


Tool Factory is proud to be working with the following companies:

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  • Stop Motion Pro - Stop Motion Pro is world leading software for making animated films. It requires a video camera, webcam or digital still camera and is compatible with Win XP, Vista or Windows 7. Visit Stop Motion Pro

    Creaza Education - Creaza offers you an integrated, web-based toolbox for creative work, both at school and in your free time. You use the toolbox along with various fully developed thematic universes: historical periods, fairy-tales, fantasy worlds, and current challenges, such as climate/environment. You can combine these themes with your own uploaded content. Creaza integrates professional and user generated content, creative tools and a social network in a new and innovative way. Visit Creaza Education

    Sherston America - Sherston America's vision is to develop and provide the most appropriate solutions for students and educators to empower teaching and learning, stimulate creativity and equip learners with 21st century technology skills. The product portfolio covers areas of curriculum content, creativity tools, Special Needs & Inclusion, STEM and e-assessment. Visit Sherston America

    Olympus America Inc. - Olympus is precision technology leader, designing and delivering innovative solutions, in healthcare and consumer electronics worldwide. Tool Factory is working with Olympus to train teachers on the use of digital cameras in the classroom setting. Visit Olympus America

    Typequick - Typequick Pty Limited of Sydney, founded in 1982, is a specialist organisation devoted to the development and marketing of the highest quality touch-typing teaching systems available. Typequick's mission 'Teaching the World To Type' expresses its commitment to helping people worldwide to make better use of their computers. Visit Typequick

    The Brainary - We are a team of enthusiastic and dedicated people, who are passionate about education and learning. At The Brainary our ideology is based on the premise that life evolves around learning, growing, and personal development as a life long process. Therefore, learning forms a key part of our everyday lives. Just as a healthy body requires appropriate regular physical exercise, a healthy brain requires appropriate regular learning exercise. "If you don't use your brain capacity you risk losing it". Visit The Brainary