December 13, 2004


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Tool Factory Inc. Introduces What’s the Time Mr. Wolf? to Teach Students About Clocks, Telling Time, Calendars and Seasons

A kindly Mr. Wolf unlocks his cluttered clock shop and welcomes your students to help him with his chores. He carefully outlines nine activities, such as repairing a talking clock or organizing a book about the seasons, all of which teach and reinforce valuable skills about time, dates, seasons and vocabulary. Each activity can be tailored to the ability level of each child, making What’s the Time Mr. Wolf? perfect for inclusion classrooms.

What’s the Time Mr. Wolf? is offered by Tool Factory Inc., a Vermont publisher and developer of leading-edge educational software, with the mission to “make a difference in education.” The program presents a welcoming environment for students, ages 4 to 6, and engages them with a brightly colored clock shop, easy-to-understand instructions and quiet verbal cues. Wearing spectacles and a green jacket, Mr. Wolf is a friendly host and patient teacher.

Activities Combine Education with Entertainment

The Check Talking Clocks chore is a great example of how this program reinforces valuable concepts. Students are asked to make sure that a talking clock is correct and are provided with both analog and digital clocks, along with verbal cues that associate the proper vocabulary such as "half-past three", "thirty minutes past three", and "three-thirty". The use of a clock face combined with digital time and vocal explanations ties together concepts using repetition, association, and self-pacing.

Combined, Mr. Wolf’s nine chores guide students through the following tasks:

*  Tell time through experimentation.

*  Replace hands on analog clocks to tell the correct time.

*  Tell time to the quarter hour on analog and digital clocks.

*  Distinguish and sequence times and events throughout each day.

*  Order and read the days of the week and the months of the year.

*  Understand seasonal changes.

*  Learn the concept of speed and the meaning of words such as “slower” and “fastest.”

Features for Educators

Educators will appreciate the password-protected “Teachers Options” that allow the program to be configured to meet student needs. There are three levels of difficulty for each activity. The higher levels provide fewer clues, and rely less on verbal cues, using a more complex vocabulary. Teachers can also select other options that tailor the program to the classroom and specific students, and they can access a complete list of Mr. Wolf’s chores, the objectives met by each activity, and the challenges found at each level. Students’ names and individual results can be saved and tracked over time.

Platform and Installation

What’s the Time Mr. Wolf? installs quickly on Microsoft Windows PCs and Apple Macintosh computers using OS 8.1 or higher. Individual computer and network versions are available.

To Purchase

What’s the Time Mr. Wolf? is available by calling (800) 220-8386, visiting, or e-mailing Single licenses are $59.95 and the networked version is available for $449.95.

About Tool Factory

Tool Factory is a Vermont publisher and developer of leading-edge educational software, meeting the needs of educators and students across a wide range of skill levels and disciplines. As a woman-owned, Vermont-based small business, Tool Factory’s goal is to make a difference in American education by providing superior educational software. The Tool Factory staff combs global markets for the best educational computer applications available and tailors products to meet the needs of American educators and students. The staff has also pioneered its own unique applications designed to fill niches not addressed in the current educational marketplace. Teachers, students, and parents join the Tool Factory staff in testing products to ensure that they are easy to navigate, fun to use and beneficial to the learning process. (

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