East Dorset, VT.July 8, 2002- Classrooms equipped with a projector, a whiteboard, or even just a single computer can now take advantage of a new series of software designed just for them.Tool Factory, Inc. has launched five titles in its Whole Class Teaching Tools Series, and educators everywhere are eager to put them to use in their classrooms.The stand-out graphics, clear text, and demonstrative structure of the five CD-ROMs make them ideal for teaching the entire class around one interactive screen.The flagship products of the series focus on helping elementary and middle school students develop skills in both mathematics and art.

Whole Class Number Connections

Archie the Ant cheers on students as they make mathematical connections by completing equations and sequences.The entire class gets involved in altering the contents of four activity boxes, so that each one equals a number shown in a central oval.Teachers can guide their students as they work with numbers, picture sets, tens and units to complete addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division equations.Another activity presents incomplete sequences, and students can work together to fill in the blanks as they practice their counting and skip-counting skills.Clear, colorful graphics make it easy for the whole class to see each screen, and teachers need only click on the magnifying glass to zoom in on one activity box at a time.The program is fully narrated, and Archie provides encouragement throughout.Teachers will also love the Options that allow them to set number ranges and other parameters for each activity.Elementary students can work together to make important mathematics connections with Whole Class Number Connections.

Whole Class Decimals, Fractions, and Percentages

With these three titles, teachers can demonstrate difficult mathematical concepts in ways that will capture their studentsí attention like never before.The easy-to-read screens are designed for use with a projector, whiteboard, or single computer, and are ideal for whole class math lessons.Each title puts concepts in the context of real life situations and objects, and provides interactive screens where clicks of the mouse allow teachers to move at a pace they deem appropriate for the class.In Whole Class Decimals, 11 interactive modules guide the class step-by-step through skills such as rounding decimals, visualizing decimals, measuring with decimals, and converting fractions into decimals.Whole Class Fractions covers a wide range of topics, including: examples and uses of fractions, the denominator and numerator, improper and mixed fractions, and equivalent fractions.In the ten modules of Whole Class Percentages, classes encounter word problems and other problems involving percentages of shapes, labels, and areas.Two sections on percentages, decimals, and fractions bring together concepts covered in all three CD-ROMs.These titles reduce preparation time for teachers, and give them an exciting and effective way to present hard-to-teach concepts to the entire class.Individual students can also work with each program to reinforce essential math skills.

Whole Class Fresco

This unique art program will unleash the creative energy of the entire class.Great for individual use or for collaborative work, Fresco provides students with cutting-edge tools for creating art.The drawing and painting media are incredibly realistic, and include crayon, charcoal, pastel, airbrush, watercolor, spray, pen, paint, felt tip, splatter brush, italic pen, and zigzag pen.To simulate real media, you can choose to have your paint gradually run out.You can smudge, blur, diffuse, colorize, and clone objects on your canvas, experiment with symmetry and tiling effects, and erase or undo to your content.There are a variety of canvases and multiple paint palettes to choose from.Kids love the collection of stamp objects, including leaves, fire, water drops, stones, clouds, and grass.The program contains for built-in levels, plus the option to customize by turning off selected buttons or tools.Get the whole class involved in an art project, then print out their work and display it in the school for all to see.

Minimum System Requirements

Whole Class Fresco: PC: Pentium II, 32 Mb RAM, Win. 95+

Whole Class Number Connections: PC: Win. 95, P-166, 32 Mb RAM, 16 bit color, soundcard.Mac: OS 7.6.1, Power PC, 16 Mb RAM, 16 bit color.

Whole Class Decimals, Fractions, and Percentages: PC: Win. 95+, Pentium, 16 Mb RAM. Mac: OS 7.6.1+, Power PC, 16 Mb RAM, 640x480, 256 colors.

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