East Dorset, VT. February 12, 2001 - Seven centuries of literature come to your computer with the Everyman Millennium Library! This incredibly comprehensive and compelling software set is distributed in the United States by Tool Factory, Inc., the Vermont-based educational software company.  The 8 CD set will enrich curriculums and book collections in classrooms and libraries around the country, inspiring students and adult learners to explore a wide range of literature from the 14th to the 20th century. 

 Stunning graphics, audio/visual tours, and a wealth of text, including extracts, readings, plot-summaries, and historical background, combine to present users with fascinating information about hundreds of authors.  In the first disc, The Age of Chaucer, a professional actor plays the medieval author and answers questions about his life, opinions, and work.  Meet pilgrims and read extracts from The Canterbury Tales, then challenge Chaucer to a horse race in which correct answers will forge you ahead toward the finish line.  In the  Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Period  CD, learn about the various places, sites, and people in Elizabethan England, and then visit the Globe theatre. Explore each of Shakespeare’s plays by category (Romance, Comedy, Tragedy, Roman, History) and then become a stage director by assigning the correct characters, props, and themes to each play. 

Each disc offers the same menu bar, options, and general structure, making it easy to navigate and move back and forth between programs.  Book-marking features and an on-screen notepad (which can be printed out) facilitate researching.   A powerful search engine allows users to search by writer, era, format, genre, theme, position on a timeline, and more.  Extracts from the work of each author on the disc are presented along with graphics, historical background, and other helpful information.        For example, in Restoration and Revolution, read extracts of Milton’s Paradise Lost, review the author’s biography, and go on to investigate Milton’s contemporaries, such as Jonathan Swift, Alexander Pope, Moliere, Voltaire, and Rousseau.  

Interactive “Masterclasses” offered in each disc allow users to research a variety of pertinent topics.  In The Romantics disc, participate in the following classes: The French Revolution, The American Revolution, Revolutionary Britain, Romantic Poets, Romanticism Abroad, and Austen and the Comedy of Manners.  The depth and range of these classes are truly impressive, and each will capture the attention of any student.   Classes in The Victorian Age include Dickens, Victorian Poetry, Detective Fiction, Historical Fiction, Popular Fiction, Rise of American Literature, Realism, Naturalism, and The Brontës. 

Many classes, such as The Brontës, begin with an extensive audio/visual tour of the life and times of the featured writers.  For example, you can explore the Brontës’ family tree, visit The Parsonage, read profiles of Emily, Anne, and Charlotte, and investigate the themes of each of the sisters’ novels.  Should you come across unfamiliar vocabulary in any part of the program, an extensive glossary of literary terms is always at your fingertips.  Upon completing each thoroughly engaging class, you will be well on your way to masterful literary knowledge!

The Everyman Millennium Library provides both depth and scope in its presentation of literature.  A tour through each disc gives users a sense of major literary movements, their artists, and the historical events that contributed to their development.  Modernism and the Great War examines prose, drama, poetry, architecture, music, and art in the context of modern advancements in science and technology.  Key figures such as Virginia Woolf, Pablo Picasso, Stravinsky, and Oscar Wilde are presented.  Read poetry written about World War I, and get to know the authors of the Jazz Age in America.  Then shift your focus to the Irish Revival, or literature in India.  Discover how literary movements crossed national boundaries, offering modern readers glimpses of a variety of cultures. 

The final disc, The Late 20th Century, will bring you up to date with the latest topics and movements in literature.  Wondering what people mean when they talk about Postmodernism, Hyper-reality, and Post-Colonialism? Find thoughtful explanations of these terms, as well as explorations of World War II, The Cold War, Pop Culture, Literature in the Global Age, The American Dream, and Science Fiction.  Hear interviews with modern-day authors in the “Writers on Writing” class.    Each disc in the set also includes a “Reading Guide” in which writers recommend books, talk about works that have inspired their own writing, and provide insightful comments about the role of literature in our lives. 

The entire program is loaded onto your computer from the first disc, which installs the necessary files.  Then, to use any disc, simply insert it into the CD-ROM drive, and the program will run automatically.  Should you get half-way through a program and find that you must come back to it later, you can do so without losing your place, as you may choose to resume exactly where you left off.   The Everyman Millennium Library is a must for every home, library and school that cares to enrich its store of literature with thoroughly researched, cutting-edge software.

Minimum System Requirements

PC: Win. 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP, Pentium 100 MHz (200 MHz recommended), 16 Mb RAM, 4x CD-ROM drive, 256 color, 640x480 display

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Single unit price is $359.95 for the 8 CD set.  Bulk and network pricing also available.

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