East Dorset, VT.  June 2, 2003— How does a teacher turn the moans and groans of apprehensive children into the cheers and giggles of enthusiastic grammar experts?  The answer may be discovered in the SuperSpell Grammar Series.  These 2 programs combine systematic, focused exercises with a splash of fun, making grammar a hit with elementary, middle school, and ESL students.


With over 190 activities in the SuperSpell Grammar Series, young writers will dive into focused grammar exercises with enthusiasm.  Funny, high-quality graphics bring students to the beach as they click-and-drag to complete sentences and answer questions. An animated game teeming with beach crabs, sharks, and jellyfish rewards students when they accumulate the required number of points. 


Teachers today are feeling increasing pressure to teach the essential skills students need to communicate effectively in the English language.  The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), otherwise known as “The Nation’s Report Card,” has set writing achievement levels for all students in American schools.  By the fourth grade, according to the NAEP standards, students must meet the most basic requirement of being able to “demonstrate sufficient command of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization to communicate to the reader.”


The same Hoopers family with whom students have practiced spelling in SuperSpell: A Day at the Beach enlivens the screens of Grammar 1 and 2, inviting students to earn points as they complete each brief exercise.  


SuperSpell Grammar 1

Grammar 1 covers a host of important grammar topics, including: nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, prepositions, articles, conjunctions, punctuation, phrases, clauses, and sentences.  Students read sentences and fill in missing blanks by clicking and dragging, and accumulate points for each correct answer.  Some lessons require students to choose correct punctuation, while others focus on topics such as subject-verb agreement or the construction of compound sentences.  Students start with a menu of main topics, and then select from a list of lessons designed to strengthen their grasp on the mechanics of the English language.  The entire program is extremely user-friendly, allowing students to easily navigate from one screen to the next.


SuperSpell Grammar 2

In Grammar 2, students practice working with parts of speech, punctuation, sentence structure, and grammar usage.  This CD also includes extensive teacher notes, as well as 320 worksheets that can be reproduced for classroom or homework use.  Teachers will love the “Teacher Tools” on both CD’s in the series, as this feature allows teachers to create and manage classes and print student results from the main menu screen.  SuperSpell Grammar Series is the most comprehensive program of its kind on the market, and its success will be measured by the high marks that will appear on the report cards of students and their schools as they meet and exceed national writing standards.  


Teachers have realized that a systematic approach to grammar lessons works best, and that students benefit greatly from repeated opportunities to practice specific skills.  By turning drill-type lessons into games, Grammar 1 and 2 succeed in keeping students’ attention while helping them to reinforce essential grammar skills.  Strong graphical and audio reinforcement offer encouragement along the way.  As soon as each activity is completed, students may click the “Check” button in order to discover immediately which answers are correct and which need to be revisited.  Each screen also includes a button which, when clicked, provides a quick explanation of the grammar topic being covered, along with relevant examples. 


Minimum System Requirements


PC: Win 95+, P-200, 64 Mb RAM

Mac: System 7.6.1+, 100 MHz, 64 Mb RAM


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