East Dorset, Vermont.  June 28, 2004—Who says you need a paintbrush to become an aspiring Van Gogh?  Whole Class Fresco is an innovative paint program which is finding its way into classrooms across the country. It proves that students can create artistic masterpieces using nothing more than simple mouse clicks. The remarkable program offers a myriad of drawing media including watercolor, pastels, crayons, charcoal, airbrush, spray, paint, pen, felt tip, splatter brush, italic pen, and even a pen that draws zig-zags.   And this is just the beginning of a list of fun features available to creative students. 

All the tools you may possibly need are available along the left side of your ‘canvas’ in Whole Class Fresco.  Choose from a variety of color palettes on the right side of the screen, mix your own colors by adding black or white, dip your mouse in, and get ready to create! Designed to be intuitive, Whole Class Fresco allows you to click anywhere on the canvas and lay down brushstrokes by simply dragging the mouse where you want it to go. Easy-to-use graphical menus allow you to change the width of your brush or select a new paintbrush in mid-drawing.

There is also a range of fun stamp objects, including brown leaves, green leaves, stones, clouds, raindrops, flames, spheres, cones, and grass, which will help add even more texture and naturalism to the canvas. Once a few brushstrokes have begun to transform the computer screen, students may want to experiment with a wealth of effects.  From the effects menu, choose to smudge, blur, diffuse, or colorize and you’ll be amazed how easy it is to add more realistic texture to your work.   This grassy meadow picture was painted with only 14 mouse clicks.

Whole Class Fresco includes four built-in levels, accessible through the main menu bar, which offer progressively more advanced feature sets.  Teachers can easily configure the program to meet the needs of the whole class or special education students by setting the level or by creating a new, custom level.  In this way, teachers may control which features, tools, and buttons are available to each student.  This software is ideal for use in the whole class setting, as images can by displayed for all students on a whiteboard or projector, allowing each student to contribute to the creation of a class mural or other art project.  Teachers may also use the program to demonstrate specific techniques to students before instructing them to practice the techniques at their own computers. 

You’ll be amazed by the opportunities for creative expression afforded by the many tools in Whole Class Fresco.  In the upper levels of the program, students may play with symmetry, repeating patterns, and tiling effects to create stunning works of art.  Lines and shapes available in graphical sub-menus include stars, circles, radiating lines, and a variety of polygons.  Solid or linear fills give works depth and color.  Realistic stencil effects and tools for masking, zooming, and snapping to grid are just a few more options you’ll find as you manipulate and stylize your own strokes of artistic genius.  And if you change your mind or make mistakes, as any great artist does, a variety of “undo” tools and eraser types are at your disposal.  Choose a square or circular eraser, or try out the realistic eraser which erases by degrees in the same way that a pencil eraser does.  Touches like these show how much care and innovation went into the creation of Whole Class Fresco.   

Minimum System Requirements

Windows 95 or better, Pentium II, 32 MB RAM

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