East Dorset, VT.  June 10, 2002—Tool Factory, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its premier internet subscription service, Elementary Zone for American schools.  The UK version of the site has already won two prestigious awards this year.  The nearly 100 activities in Math, Science, and Literacy are designed to complement curriculum while at the same time entertaining children with superior graphics, funny sound effects, and thoroughly engaging content.  When students log into, building knowledge and sharpening skills become incredibly fun!

Science Activities

Where else can children experiment with bungee jumping while investigating the relationship between the stretch of an elastic band and applied force?  In Bungee Jump, kids select variables from a table, and then click “Jump!” to see if the animated bungee jumper will reach far enough to grab a purple ball in the water.  Other science activities include Water Slide, Electrical Circuits, Parachute Drop, Healthy Eating, Does it Grow?, and Hair and Eye Color.  Many of the activities in the age 4-7 zone help children develop categorization skills as they drag and drop items into Venn diagrams and charts.  In the popular activity Laser Maze, kids manipulate a maze of mirrors to develop an understanding of reflection.  Students enter a virtual laboratory in Un-mix It, where they separate materials by selecting a tool such as a sieve, magnet, floater and sinker, and washer and evaporator.  Immediate feedback is always provided in every Elementary Zone activity.

Math Activities

Activities like Fraction Snap, Forest Fire, Where on the Line?, Complete the Sequence, and What Percentage? are guaranteed to keep kids practicing their math skills.  In Stepping Stones, you can help an explorer through the jungle by telling him how many more stones he needs to hop on to reach the precious diamond.  Fraction Snap helps kids hone their ability to quickly match fractions and their equivalent diagrams. They will sharpen spatial intelligence in Tessellations as they help a queen repair her quilt by rotating and dragging pieces of fabric into place.  Since there are three levels of difficulty in each activity (easy, difficult, or expert), Elementary Zone is ideal for students of all different abilities, and continues to challenge individuals as they progress from one level to the next. 


Teachers will be thrilled to find a varied collection of “writing frames” in the Literacy Zone.  These templates are designed to guide students as they begin to write play scripts, reports, portraits, instructions, poems, stories, newspaper articles, cinquains, opinions, and more.   Each writing frame includes a description of the activity, objectives, examples, and “helplines”.  In the play script activity, students get tips for creating characters, writing dialog, designing content, and writing stage directions.  Once students have completed the outline for their writing activity, they simply click “submit” to publish it in a separate window and, if desired, print it out. 

About the Service

Tool Factory offers four different Elementary Zone services as an unlimited site license.  A school may choose from the learning zones for ages 4-7, 8-11, or 4-11, giving the entire school building access to Elementary Zone for a year.  Teachers can filter access to specific activities, or they may choose to make all of the activities available. There are also teacher’s notes to help educators implement each activity in a classroom setting.

For parents, there is even a home version which gives their kids access to all of the activities in the ages 4-11 zone for a year.  The home version includes parent’s notes which suggest follow-on activities that can be done in the home.

Getting started couldn’t be easier.  Go to to sign up for a free trial!

Minimum System Requirements

Windows and Mac compatible, internet connection with Flash player.

To Order

School site license: covers unlimited use in an entire building for one year

Ages 4-7 $89.95

Ages 8-11 $89.95

Ages 4-11 $119.95

Home Version: covers use in one home for one year

Ages 4-11 $19.95 

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