Tool Factory Workshop Bundled with Compaq Computers in Education

March 5, 2002. East Dorset, VT—The most kid-friendly office suite on the market is now available to schools purchasing the Academic series of Compaq computers.  The educational software company Tool Factory, Inc. is proud to announce that its flagship product has been selected by Compaq’s LearningPaq program.  Tool Factory Workshop can now be chosen at no additional cost by educators who make direct purchases of Evo laptops or desktops as part of the Compaq Academic Series.

Valued at $199.95, Tool Factory Workshop includes Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Database, and Painter applications, all of which are fully configurable to meet the needs of each individual student.  The software suite combines ease of use with incredibly powerful multimedia options and a robust graphing engine, making it the productivity suite of choice for students and teachers at all grade levels.  From interactive storybooks to professional quality lab reports, Tool Factory Workshop makes it easy for teachers to integrate technology with their curricula.  The program aligns well with Compaq’s goals of “helping schools and students discover the future faster by breaking down the traditional classroom walls with innovative technology.”

Upon a direct purchase of any Compaq Evo desktop or portable PC computer in the Academic Series, an individual or school may choose to have Tool Factory Workshop delivered along with the computer.  Compaq education customers simply go to to select the bundled software.  Tool Factory Workshop is included in the following LearningPaq categories:

·        Elementary Multimedia/Art/Activity

·        Middle School Skills Development

·        High School Skills Development

The versatile software suite facilitates and enriches learning in any subject matter across K-12 grade levels, making it an ideal choice for educators who want to enliven their classrooms with software that will truly engage learners of all abilities.  Loads of supplemental classroom activities are available for free download. Contact Tool Factory at (800) 220-8386.

About Tool Factory

Tool Factory conducted an exhaustive search for unique educational software in various markets around the globe. Their flagship product line consists of 26 educational software tools, which were hand-picked for their innovative contribution to computer-based learning. To complement the tools and applications, Tool Factory is also distributing an extensive range of curriculum titles throughout North America. Their second catalog launches with 127 CD-ROM products, many of which are new releases in North America.

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