East Dorset, VT. March 12, 2002.  What makes a software program excel in the field of Special Education?  Educators and software experts have discovered that programs with clear activities, audio support, and easy navigation for mainstream students can sometimes be effective in Special Education settings as well.  With the All About series, teachers and students across the whole spectrum of education get 6 such successful titles.  These fully speech-supported programs are brimming with colorful pictures, engaging activities, and tons of opportunities for important discoveries about people and the world we inhabit.  A host of wonderful features makes the series appropriate for non-readers and beginning readers, a quality that both Elementary and Special Education teachers will appreciate. 

All About Ourselves

Design a face by dragging features from a bank onto the outline of your choice. All About Ourselves leads children from the Pre-K to second grade level through a wealth of such activities in the following categories: Senses, Growing and Changing, and Same or Different.  Clicking on the Senses picture sends kids to a screen where they can choose to explore how things sound, taste, feel, or smell.  By selecting objects and then adjectives to describe them from a list of words in the bank, children begin to learn how to describe their experience of the world.  In  “healthy eating”, food items are dragged to “lots of,” “some,” or “only a little” categories.  Same or Different introduces children to Venn diagrams, Carroll sorts, and pictograms.  The Activity section of the program, accessed through the main menu, includes an x-ray machine, a slide show, a story, a writing activity, and a “make a face” activity. 

All About Weather and Seasons

All About Weather and Seasons is an ideal supplement to those early morning lessons at the Kindergarten and First-grade levels.  Kids get to record the day's weather in an onscreen weather chart.  Then they can go into a colorful bedroom, open two wardrobes, and organize a heap of clothing on the floor by dragging each piece of clothing into the cold weather or warm weather wardrobes.  Opportunities to make pictograms, write using word banks, complete puzzles, paint pictures, and even watch informative videos make the program totally engaging. 

All About Space and Shape

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All About Space and Shape reaches into the third grade level with a thorough look at the kinds of shapes children can discover in the world around them.  In “Learn About Shapes,” kids can test objects for right angles, sort shapes, and create nets of three dimensional shapes, which are printable and great for reinforcement away from the computer.  Especially fun are the pattern-making activities in which children   design their own patterns for various items of clothing.  There are even quizzes in the Activities section. 

All About Materials

All About Materials uses the same recipe for success to teach kids about the properties of a wide variety of materials.  They can drag and drop objects into water to find out if they’ll sink, float on the surface, or float just under the surface.  More sorting and matching games, quizzes, and writing activities abound.  This program has the added feature of an interactive game.  Kids try to help a boy rescue a king in The Land of Green Jelly by identifying the properties of materials along the way.  If their mission is successful, they’re invited to the Jelly Wobbles’ dancing party!

All About Number at Levels 1 & 2

All About Number at Level 1 is a fantastic early math program that brings math concepts to life for children at the K-2 level with colorful pictures and animations.  Children will be engrossed as they interact with an array of simple math activities.  Skills covered include: counting to ten, ordering and reading numbers, adding and subtracting, making patterns, developing one-one correspondence, and simple problem-solving.  Word lists encourage kids to write about numbers on the notepad.  With full audio support, kids can work independently or in small groups.  Teachers can use the program to demonstrate key concepts, encourage prediction-making, and make quick assessments of their students' progress.  All About Number at Level 2 moves on to cover counting to 20, counting by 2s and 5s, odd and even numbers, reading and ordering numbers, place values, doubles and estimating. 

The simplicity of the series’ organization is what makes it so accessible to young learners of all abilities and interests.  Each program is packed with tons of activities, all of which can be entered by clicking on a large picture icon in one of many submenus.  Moving your mouse over any icon or interface control produces spoken identification and instructions.  Clicking on the help icon in the upper right hand corner lets kids hear directions at any time.  Many of the activities are completed by dragging and dropping items on the interface, or by clicking on objects.  Each program includes writing activities in which children can type or add in words from extensive word banks arranged thematically. 

The All About series offers teachers a wealth of opportunities for reinforcing classroom lessons, and provides children with an exciting way to build, try out, and test their knowledge of the world around them. 

Minimum System Requirements

PC: Pentium 133, Win 95, 16 MB RAM

Mac: System 7.1, 68040, 8 MB RAM

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