Wilde Lake Improves Test Scores Using Test Factory

Columbia, Maryland. July 16, 2003 -- This spring Wilde Lake Middle School in Columbia, MD began an innovative Academic Enrichment program during the school day and the Every Child Achieving after school program. The goal was to improve student achievement in the Maryland Functional Mathematics Test (MFMT) – one of the “high risk” tests required for students to graduate high school. These programs use a "Triangulation" approach - combining (1) computer-assisted instruction, (2) specialized after school programs, and (3) accelerated direct instruction techniques to define a unique, student-motivated method for learning.

A formal pilot study, led by a research consultant from a major Maryland university, was conducted to measure the success of the students in achieving the ambitious WLMS goals. Here is a summary of the results of the pilot study:

-      Overall pass rate for WLMS 7th grade students – over 90%, the highest in school history

-      Pass rate for “at risk” students increased from 49% to 75%

-      Students using a “two pronged” approach to math reinforcement, including 10 Minute Numeracy Tests software from Tool Factory, Inc. had pass rates of up to 100%

-      Average gain in MFMT score of 27 points for the study group, compared to an 11 point gain outside the study group

-      Increased communication between school and home, using Test Factory online preparation resource. Twenty percent of student test preparation time was spent outside the classroom - students taking control of their own learning.

This model has been so successful at Wilde Lake Middle School that other schools within Howard County and around the state have expressed interest in this learning approach. This model is an integral part of the Bridges Over Wilde Lake program being funded through the 21st Century Community Learning Center grant.

During this study, Test Factory, Inc. conducted a free trial introduction of Test Factory, it's online test preparation resource. Over 18,000 practice tests were completed by students in 120 schools across 12 school systems in Maryland - all this since the last week of March. Many schools are reporting similar results to those seen at Wilde Lake Middle School.

To learn more about the study you can contact Bob Keddell at Wilde Lake Middle School (410) 313-6957 or Contact Brian Wessner of Tool Factory, Inc. at (410) 997-6804 or

About Tool Factory

Tool Factory conducted an exhaustive search for unique educational software in various markets around the globe. Their flagship product line consists of 26 educational software tools, which were hand-picked for their innovative contribution to computer-based learning. To complement the tools and applications, Tool Factory also publishes an extensive range of curriculum titles throughout North America. Their second catalog launched with 127 CD-ROM products, many of which are new releases in North America.

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