Tool Factory's On Track Reading Series wins 3 of 6 Notable Computer Software Awards Given By the Association for Library Service to Children in 2006

Sunderland, VT, May 22, 2006 - Alphabet Track, Eye Track and Phoneme Track won 3 out of the 6 award granted by Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) – a division of the American Library Association this year! The programs are part of Tool Factory’s best-selling research based reading software, the On Track Series. The ALSC works to improve and extend library services to children from preschool through the eighth grade, in all types of libraries. They are responsible for the evaluation and selection of book and non-book library materials. Their annual “Notable List” recommends exemplary books, videos, recordings and computer software for children.  Link to ALSC’s listing: 2006 Notable Computer Software Awards.

Tool Factory’s Track Series is a 5 CD set, with each disc isolating a single skill required for the development of fluent reading. Students begin with visual tracking using Eye Track, then work their way forward to formulating complete sentences using Word Track.  The On Track Series gives teachers the control they need, to intervene in exactly the skills area that each student requires, then allow students to progress forward towards fluency. The programs include: 

Eye Track (Notable Award) - Eye Track is designed to support learners of all ages experiencing difficulty with visual perception. Each activity has five levels of difficulty, which are set via teacher controls. Students will develop visual discrimination and spatial orientation, and improve visual figure ground skills. Other activities cover visual discrimination, visual memory, and visual closure. Fun and motivational reward sequences encourage the user to persevere with the increasingly complex activities. Printable records show details of activities completed. Eye Track is an excellent resource for pre-readers, or students with dyslexia, dyspraxia, or attention deficit disorders. Inclusive teachers, health agencies, and Occupational Therapists will find this program invaluable for use with early ability level students. 

Alphabet Track (Notable Award) - Early and older learners will acquire more spelling independence and be on track for developing dictionary skills. Learn the names of letters, practice alphabetical order, improve short term memory, and recall alphabetic sequence. Eight self-paced activities are switch-accessible and fully configurable, with selectable colors and multiple levels of difficulty. Record the alphabet in your own voice or the student's voice. Activities include: ordering and typing the alphabet, match and identify, see and remember, hear and remember, alphabet quiz, listen and spell, and alphabet battle. Research-based, this program is a critical addition to every early reading program. Teachers will appreciate the detailed record-keeping capability for each independent learner.

Phoneme Track (Notable Award) - Practice areas of phonemic weakness, and increase fluency in reading and spelling. The learner hears phonemes in words and sees the written representation of the phonemes. Practice with phoneme manipulation, segmentation, and blending so that the student can become confident with this essential skill for fluent reading and spelling. Tasks include: Phoneme Take-Aways, Phoneme Changes, and Phoneme Chains. Teacher controls allow for customizing levels of difficulty, adjusting color for sight disabled students, and all student records can be tracked and printed for easy reporting.

 Spell Track - Learners ranging from the pre-school child, to the dyslexic adult will work at their own pace on activities for: phonemic awareness, left-to-right tracking, word recognition, sequencing, segmenting, blending, and proofreading. Teachers can add their own word lists and write sentences tailored for each learner, making this a versatile tool for mainstream, inclusion, and special education settings. Students and teachers choose from a large, built-in bank of word lists, then "track" the word they just saw and heard, one letter at a time. The correct spelling is reinforced by typing the word, then it's used in the context of a sentence. Activities for "Test Yourself" and “Hear-and-Type” will reinforce their growing mastery of high frequency words and vocabulary. Full record-keeping, selectable background and text colors, and multiple difficulty levels help students towards optimal reading development.  This program is ideal for "Reading First" programs. 

Word Track - Young students, switch users, and learners of all ages will practice tracking words in the context of 180 sentences, arranged in order of increasing phonemic complexity. A sentence is shown on the screen and simultaneously spoken by the audio. Then it disappears, and the student tracks each word by clicking the correct words, in order, from amongst a string of other words. The appropriate punctuation mark must also be tracked. After tracking, students type the sentence with correct capitalization and punctuation. As a reward, the program colors in and animates an illustration shown with the sentence. Individualize for each learner through the teacher options. Set timing for memory work, pick screen colors, limit access to specific sentences, or print a report of each student's progress.  The activities in Word Track help students develop the following skills:  visual discrimination, proof reading, reading, spelling of high frequency words, spelling of words prone to letter-order mistakes, keyboard awareness, and typing skills. The program is structured around the 'look-say-remember-type-check' spelling strategy, and it’s ideal for developing grammar, punctuation, and capitalization skills.

Tool Factory’s On Track Series is available individually or as a 5 CD set.  It qualifies for Reading First programs, special education and inclusion curriculum.

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On Track Series – 5 CD Set

Grades PreK-4 ability levels, Inclusive
Platform:         PC/MacX/Hybrid/Networkable/Switch Accessible
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Eye Track     

Grades PreK-1, Inclusive
Platform:         PC/MacX/Hybrid/Networkable/Switch Accessible
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Alphabet Track        

Grades PreK-2, Inclusive
Platform:         PC/MacX/Hybrid/Networkable/Switch Accessible
Item #: 2081
Single:            $69.95   Unlimited Network Site License:  $529.95

Phoneme Track       

Grades K-2, Inclusive
Platform:         PC/MacX/Hybrid/Networkable/Switch Accessible
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Phoneme Track Workbook 

Item#:              20174
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Spell Track   

Grades K-3, Inclusive
Platform:         PC/MacX/Hybrid/Networkable/Switch Accessible
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Spell Track Workbook 

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Word Track   

Grades 2-4, Inclusive
Platform:         PC/MacX/Hybrid/Networkable/Switch Accessible
Item #: 2070
Single:            $69.95   Unlimited Network Site License:  $529.95

Word Track Workbook 

Item#:              20170
Single:            $19.95   10 Copies:  $179.95


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