Sunderland, VT April 25, 2006 - Tool Factory launches and inexpensive screen reader that will read text in two different languages!  Have text read back from web pages, text documents, or any open application both in Spanish and English!  Tool Factory Screen Reader with Scanning allows users to scan paper documents or PDF files into Microsoft Word, then read back the text using Tool Factory Reader!  Scan books and hear them read back, or hear the text from an Adobe Acrobat file in either English or Spanish. As a bonus, we’ve also included a Screen Ruler that hi-lights a horizontal bar across the screen for struggling readers. One click will darken the background, or magnify anything under the Screen Ruler. Now students can easily focus on one section of text at a time.  

Tool Factory Reader

Text can be spoken back and highlighted from anywhere within Microsoft Word - just click the Play button to hear the entire document, or mouse around the interface to hear the names of icons.  Read text from any other program on your PC, just select the text with your mouse and it will read back immediately! With a quick change of settings, text can be set to automatically play on mouse-over or hi-light. With Tool Factory Reader you can read and highlight web pages in Internet Explorer using the “Virtual Cursor”.  Then select any text to save as an audio file and listen to it later on your iPod. Spoken text is easily saved in .wma, .wav or .ogg format.  A speech pronunciation dictionary is available to modify the way words are pronounced, then saved and read in that pronunciation in the future.

Other features on the tool bar include Font, Spacing, Homophones, Spell Check and Settings.  The Font button allows the easy switch to one of three popular fonts, with only one click!  This feature also allows the user to adjust font size, font color, or background color of a document easily within one click – no highlighting necessary!  The Spacing feature allows the modification of character spacing, line spacing, and spacing between paragraphs.

Homophones are words that are pronounced alike although they differ in spelling and meaning, for example, “pair” and “pear”.  Tool Factory Reader will highlight homophones in the document by selecting the “Show Homophones” button, or alternatively have them highlighted as you type.  Then by clicking “Check” the document will review all homophones, suggest alternative words, and provide the meanings of those words.  This check feature provides a single button for use in Microsoft Word that combines a homophone dictionary, thesaurus and spellchecker, making the checking of your text and documents easier and more comprehensive.  Text can be spell checked individually or as a whole of a document, also featuring over 1000 pictures to help visualize word meanings.

Tool Factory Reader also contains a Word Prediction feature, which uses a prediction dictionary of the most frequently used words in the English language.  The prediction list will automatically appear by your cursor during typing, although it will only appear when attempting a prediction.  By a right click of your mouse you can float the prediction windows allowing you to place it anywhere on the screen.

Tool Factory Reader even adds a voice to the Windows Calculator. Enter the sum with the numeric keyboard and the figures will be echoed back to you.  The buttons on a standard and scientific calculator can also be spoken, providing the speech settings are enabled. In addition, figures from Microsoft Excel can be spoken when using the cursor keys to move around.

Tool Factory Reader with ScanningTool Factory Reader with Scanning uses powerful OmniPage optical character recognition technology to convert documents into Microsoft Word text, which can then be read back immediately by Tool Factory Reader.  Scan From Paper or Scan from PDF and the text and images from any source will appear in a Microsoft Word document.  This feature works using all scanners with TWAIN or WIA compatible scanners.

Screen Ruler

One of the best advantages of Tool Factory Reader with Scanning is the added Screen Ruler. This is a separate application that works as a reading bar and strip magnifier. It allows part of the PC screen to be highlighted and magnified in a horizontal band. This will assist anyone who needs help concentrating on text or objects. It provides a 'strip' or 'ruler' across the screen, which can magnify, change contrast, and 'grey' or 'dim' a background.

Tool Factory Reader has been developed to help PC users of all capabilities create, read, view, check and scan text.  The tool bar can be docked on your screen or allowed to float around the screen at your discretion. Available in Tool Factory Reader and Tool Factory Reader with Scanning versions, the software is closely integrated with Microsoft™ applications - with particular emphasis on Word® and Internet Explorer. Additional add-on voices are becoming available in 17 languages.  French language is Tool Factory’s next scheduled release!

Where to Buy

Purchases can be made directly online using secure e-commerce, or simply call or fax a purchase order to:

Tool Factory Inc., 3336 Sunderland Hill Road, Sunderland, VT 05250
To Order: (800) 220-8386               Fax PO to: (802) 375-6860

Tool Factory Reader

Platform:         PC/Networkable
Item #:             2180
Single:            $329.95   Unlimited Network Site License:           $3,129.95

Tool Factory Reader with Scanning (also includes Screen Ruler)

Platform:         PC/Networkable
Item #:             2181
Single:            $399.95   Unlimited Network Site License:           $3,959.95


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