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Sunderland, VT May 12, 2006 –Tool Factory just launched IT System, a program bundle designed to cover all your school’s technology needs at once. Tool Factory IT System is made up of 23 independent software programs, including student versions of nearly every major tool and application required by technology standards, plus a myriad of curriculum programs for daily reinforcement.  From elementary word-processing, to database building and advanced graphics, each tool is designed to get students developing critical IT skills at a younger age so they can easily transition to the professional software tools when they are ready. All software is age-appropriate and there’s even a screen reader with scanning for inclusive classrooms and ESL students. Many of the tools share the same interface, making professional-development training a cinch and creating an easier learning environment for students and teachers alike. Teachers will appreciate the wide variety of skills development programs, web-based subscription resources, and curriculum programs for reading, math, science, and music.

Tool Factory IT System includes all of the following programs, at a savings of over $2,500!

  • Tool Factory Screen Reader with Scanning         
  • Tool Factory Keyboarding Adventure
  • Tool Factory Keyboarding Skills
  • Tool Factory Workshop Deluxe (including, Word Processor, Painter, Database, Spreadsheet, Draw, Branch, Logo, Administrator, Bank Manager)
  • Fresco
  • MultiMedia Lab V
  • Tool Factory Home Page
  • Tool Factory Beep
  • Clip Art Station
  • Worksheet Station
  • Elementary Zone
  • Tool Factory Phonics 1, 2, 3, and 4 and Complete System
  • Tool Factory Science Diagrams
  • Tool Factory Musical Monsters 1, 2, and 3                       

Tool Factory Reader with Scanning - Tool Factory Screen Reader with Scanning was developed to help PC users of all capabilities create, read, view, scan and check text. Ideal for ESL, students can listen to any information depicted on the computer screen in Spanish or English, with one click of the mouse! This tool contains optical character recognition technology to convert paper documents or PDF files into Microsoft Word text, which can then be read back immediately by Tool Factory Screen Reader.  It also includes a talking spell checker, homophone tool, word prediction feature, bilingual dictionary and thesaurus, calculator voice, and one-click spacing tools. Grades 1-12+, inclusive, Windows platform.

Tool Factory Keyboarding Adventure - Embark on an action packed touch-typing adventure through the Australian Outback with your animated young guide Kewala the Koala!  Designed for K-6 students, Tool Factory Keyboarding Adventure includes 10 elementary-level units, carefully designed to lead students through a progression of keyboarding skills. The first 8 adventures teach students to type with ten fingers, while transparently developing the ability to read while typing.  Students type faster so Kewala can avoid constant perils and survive his journey to the Kingdom of Eaz! With clever commentary and enthusiasm Kewala motivates children to keep typing without ever knowing that they are learning! Grades K-8, inclusive, Win/Mac platform.

Tool Factory Keyboarding Skills - Improve your touch-typing skills by 40% in just 10 easy lessons! Over 4 million people have been trained worldwide with this system. Appropriate for secondary students, teachers, and parents alike, Tool Factory Keyboarding Skills monitors every keystroke to create a personal course for every learner, so that keyboarding skills are developed in the quickest amount of time possible. There is even a course for commonly used punctuation keys, a number keypad course, a speed builder and advanced user course. Clear reports are displayed at the end of every lesson, and users can view progress at any time during the course with a Statement of Proficiency or progress report. The Administrator program makes it simple to manage large user groups, sort and search data, print reports and generate completion certificates. It’s ideal for self-study. Grades 6-12+, inclusive, Win/Mac platform.

Tool Factory Workshop Deluxe- It’s been cited as "The most child-friendly office suite ever built!"  Fully configurable to the age level or learning ability of any student, each program uses the same interface, so students switch from one application to another with ease.  Text-to-speech is integrated into most programs, along with a built-in tutor for new users and ESL students. Tool Factory Workshop Deluxe includes:

Tool Factory Word Processor - A versatile, talking word processor can be used for book reports, journals, presentations, and posters. Win/Mac.
Tool Factory Painter - A powerful drawing tools, plus a multitude of special effects, and hundreds of stamps spark creativity in any classroom. Win/Mac.
Tool Factory Database – Allows students to handle data with ease.  This is an incredible program for collecting science data, sorting, and graphing information quickly. Kids start building databases in grade 2 and continue to use this program straight through high school. Win/Mac.
Tool Factory Spreadsheet – We guarantee this is the easiest spreadsheet you'll ever use! It supports all the conventional spreadsheet functions, plus easy graphing and plenty of new multimedia features. Win/Mac.
Tool Factory Branch – Build decision trees with text, pictures and audio then print for huge wall posters!  Teach sorting and basic science keying. Windows platform.
Tool Factory Draw –Build maps, plans and other geometric drawings.  This is a great pre-cursor to CAD and architectural drawing. Windows platform.
Tool Factory Logo - Introduce the basic concepts of computer programming at any age with simple keystrokes in this Logo program. Windows platform.
Tool Factory Administrator  - Teachers configure class-wide or individual student access to each program in the Tool Factory Workshop Deluxe suite. Teachers can also configure the interface of each program to the level of the learning environment, then assign these to each independent student. Windows platform.
Tool Factory Bank Manager – Teachers can easily edit, search, and create new banks of clip art. Windows platform.

 Fresco - This paint program is an art teacher's dream!  It simulates real painting tools including crayons, charcoal, pastel, airbrush and watercolor. Use the picture brushes for truly creative effects and select from multiple paint palettes. Fresco is customizable for all ages. There are four built-in levels and teachers have the option to create new levels to meet the needs of individuals or groups of students.  Fresco is ideal for use with a whiteboard, projector, or pressure sensitive pen tablet. Grades K-12, inclusive, Windows platform.

Multimedia Lab V - This is the ultimate tool for building interactive slide shows and claymation projects! In a few minutes you will be dragging in pictures, linking buttons, and recording narration.  Use path animation to create a moving photo-montage.  The entire program is structured with drag-and-drop simplicity.  There are hundreds of clip art files, scores of templates, and detailed tutorials to get you started. Bring your creativity! Use MultiMedia Lab V to construct interactive web quests, make a presentation, do a class project, write a report, animate stories, or make a screensaver. Grades 4-12+, Windows platform.

Tool Factory Home Page - Build a web site without complex programming!  Tool Factory Home Page is designed to help students and teachers create professional looking web sites. It removes the technical barriers associated with HTML programming. Students will explore web site layout and design, and even add animation and "Mouse Over" effects with just a few mouse clicks. Preview the website through a browser, and then publish directly onto the internet so that others can view your work. Every web site project is saved as a series of HTML pages, ready for uploading onto the World Wide Web. Grades 3-12+, Windows platform.

Tool Factory Beep! - Experience the early IT program that brought our office to a standstill! Tool Factory Beep! is jam-packed with fun activities that encourage students to develop important IT skills and build confidence with the computer.  Based on the well-researched theories of creative play and exploration, students get absolutely hooked on Beep!  Navigate a maze and develop spatial orientation skills. Dress the creature and spark lively discussion. Use the word robot to develop word recognition skills. Animate characters with simple mouse clicks to build confidence. There are endless opportunities for creative thinking and discussion. Tool Factory Beep! is ideal for early learners, autism, and pre-readers. Clip art library included for printing and coloring.   PreK-3, inclusion, Win/Mac.

Clip Art Station - Visit and get a great collection of photos to use in projects!  Our library of photographs and artwork is perfect for students, teachers, and families. Subscribers get instant access to the full library of artwork posted on Clip Art Station. Download an unlimited number of images for one week, one month, or one year. There's even a school version that allows an unlimited number of users from a single school to access the site for a full year. This is great for students who need photos for school projects or homework.  Grades 2-adult, inclusive, Win/Mac.

Worksheet Station - Imagine doing away with the last minute rush of creating worksheets before class! Go to for a great collection of worksheets to use in your classroom!  Our growing library of worksheets is perfect for students and teachers alike. This online subscription service has worksheets for many subjects at multiple grade levels! The worksheets are saved in multiple formats, so they will be sure to fit your classroom needs.  Grades K-13+, inclusive, Win/Mac.

Elementary Zone - This premier Internet subscription service provides nearly 100 exciting educational activities and games.  Kids will have so much fun; they won't even know they are developing skills in literacy, science, and math. The site is jam-packed with colorful graphics and wonderful animations. Each activity has been carefully designed so that students can navigate the site by themselves.  There are two zones, one for home use and one for school use, each designed for elementary children, ages 4 to 11 and inclusion. Win/Mac.

Tool Factory Phonics System – Includes: Tool Factory Phonics - 4 CD Set, Clusters Phonics Game with 100 tiles, 8 Spelling Board Games, 177 Magnetic Letters and Clusters.  The complete system teaches pre-readers the fundamentals of phonics. The games, letters, and CDs all use the same color-coding system so that students make connections and translate skills. Reach multiple learning styles at grades K-4 ability level.  Great for inclusion, Win/Mac platform.

Tool Factory Science Diagrams - Finally, students can peer into the human body, take apart car brakes, or see the phases of the moon, right from the classroom! Students and teachers can create interesting illustrations of their class work or projects, allowing everyone to see and understand science concepts. With over 200 pre-constructed and editable diagrams, Science Diagrams is the perfect timesaving tool for generating worksheets, quizzes, and lab reports. This is an indispensable tool for any science classroom!  Grades 5-12, Windows platform.

Tool Factory Musical Monsters - Now you can enjoy all levels of musical composition created by Tool Factory Mini Musical Monsters, Tool Factory Musical Monsters, and Tool Factory More Musical Monsters!  This three CD set contains no speech and does not require reading skills. It is a valuable addition to any elementary setting.  Tool Factory Musical Monsters is also ideal for developing vital IT skills and will quickly build confidence in novice computer users - any mouse click or keyboard press will produce interesting songs!  Each program contains a library of resources such as, pre-recorded tunes, sounds samples, and even printable lesson plans!  With a few simple clicks watch your compositions come to life!  PreK-5, inclusive, Win/Mac.

Where to Buy

Tool Factory IT System is available from Tool Factory’s website or by purchase order.

Tool Factory Inc., 3336 Sunderland Hill Road, Sunderland, VT 05250
To Order: (800) 220-8386               Fax PO to: (802) 375-6860

Tool Factory IT System
Grades K-12,
Platform:         PC/Networkable, some Mac.
Item #:             2174
Single:            $1,499.95   Unlimited Network Site License:        $11,999.95   


Tool Factory is a woman-owned, Vermont-based business with the goal to make a difference in US education by providing superior educational software. The catalog offers over 150 titles, including a suite of digital imaging products designed to maximize the use of digital imaging in the classroom. Teachers, students, and parents join the Tool Factory staff in testing products to ensure that they are easy to navigate, fun to use, and beneficial to the learning process. Tool Factory is now combining many of the special education and mainstream products to better serve the inclusion classroom.

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