East Dorset, Vermont.  April 11, 2003—The deluxe version of Tool Factory Workshop, adds three more applications to the already-popular office suite designed for the classroom. The original Tool Factory Workshop includes a Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Database, and Painter.  Using the same icons and simple interface, the deluxe version adds Tool Factory Draw, Tool Factory Branch, and Tool Factory Logo to the suite.  Each program can be configured using the same Administrator tool found in Tool Factory Workshop, making them customizable for students with individual and special needs, and across various grade levels as early as kindergarten. The deluxe edition is a comprehensive suite for developing basic computer skills amongst educators and students alike. With the three new programs, kids can create all sorts of projects for Art, Math, Social Studies, and Computer Science classes. 

Tool Factory Draw

This vector-based drawing program offers even more features for those looking to create maps, architectural plans, and geometric drawings.  The program allows students to move, adjust, and realign shapes, stamps, and lines after they have been added to the page. It’s great to use with a digital camera. Like the other applications in Tool Factory Workshop, Tool Factory Draw includes an on-screen bank from which students can add a variety of clip art, shapes, and exciting graphics.  A wide range of drawing tools includes: shading, graduated and solid fills, rotation and scaling tools, a drawing grid, and themed color palettes. 

Tool Factory Branch

Students learn the essential skills required for organizing information and data.  Tool Factory Branch leads students step by step through the process of building binary trees.  The students formulate their own yes or no questions, and then use these questions to classify a chosen group of objects.  Text, pictures, and audio are easily added to the database from the on-screen bank, or users can add their own media.  As the objects are divided by the series of yes/no questions, a branching structure automatically appears on the screen.  Click on the magnifying glass icon to zoom in or out of the database, or click “map” to view the entire branching tree at once.  Once a student has built his or her own program, other students can “play” the series of questions, such as “Is it an insect?”  and “Does it have eight legs?”  The process is as fun as playing “20 questions” and the result for students is a sharper sense of how information can be sorted and organized into meaningful categories. 

Tool Factory Logo

Introducing students to the basic concepts of computer programming is a critical task for computer science teachers, and Tool Factory Logo makes it fun and visual.  An on-screen bank includes built-in, themed backgrounds, including a collection of stunning world maps and high-quality photographs.  Students can choose from wide range of “turtles” from the bank.  A soccer ball, a ship, and a variety of people are just a few examples of these “turtles”.  There is also a bank of built-in projects, such as mazes and alphabet activities that make learning to program with Logo more interesting and rewarding.   The flexibility of the program allows it to support simple computer graphics as well as sophisticated programming techniques.  In the easiest level, the one-key pad is used to direct the turtle; while in the hardest, students type their own commands to create more developed programs. 

Minimum System Requirements

PC: Win. 95+, 32 Mb RAM, 16 bit color, 800x600

Pricing and Ordering

Tool Factory Deluxe
includes: Word Processor, Painter, Spreadsheet, Database, Draw, Branch, Logo, Administrator, and Bank Manager.

Tool Factory Workshop Deluxe is $289.95, and site license pricing is available. 

Order online, or Phone: (800) 220-8386, Fax: (802) 375-6860
Email your order to or mail to Tool Factory, 3336 Sunderland Hill Rd, Sunderland, VT 05250.

About Tool Factory

Tool Factory conducted an exhaustive search for unique educational software in various markets around the globe. Their flagship product line consists of 26 educational software tools, which were hand-picked for their innovative contribution to computer-based learning. To complement the tools and applications, Tool Factory also publishes an extensive range of curriculum titles throughout North America. Their second catalog launched with 127 CD-ROM products, many of which are new releases in North America.

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