Sunderland, VT May 4, 2006 – Experience the early IT program that brought our office to a standstill! Tool Factory Beep! is jam-packed with fun activities that encourage students to develop important IT skills and build confidence with the computer.  Based on the well-researched theories of creative play and exploration, students get absolutely hooked on Beep!  Navigate a maze and develop spatial orientation skills. Dress the creature and spark lively discussion. Use the word robot to develop word recognition. Animate characters with simple mouse clicks to build confidence. There are endless opportunities for creative thinking and discussion. Tool Factory Beep! is ideal for early learners, autism, and pre-reader in grades PreK-3 and inclusion. Clip art library included for printing and coloring.

Activities include:

Odd One Out- Find the odd picture in a group. 
The group size will steadily increase to a maximum of 10. Emerging readers can practice their visual discrimination skills which are critical to letter-learning.

Maze- Click the targets on the path to navigate your character through the maze to its home. Work on spatial orientation, directional skills such as “left” “right”, “up”, and “down”, and complete basic navigation and pre-map reading tasks.

Wardrobe - Select a series of wacky outfits by using the magic wand to dress your baby friend!  Each time you open the activity the wardrobe will change providing infinite combinations. This is an excellent cause-and-effect activity where students complete a sequential series of tasks.

Street Scene - Create a picture and watch it come to life!  Select a stamp from the toolbar and let creativity be your guide.  When finished click the play button to watch your scene take off!  Sequence a story, and practice pre-painting skills at the same time.

Musical Paint Box - Using the cursor to choose a color and let imagination be your guide.  Every time a mark is made on the screen a different sound will play.  When finished watch and listen to your masterpiece as it is redrawn and replayed before your eyes! This activity introduces early learners to click-and-drag, as well as painting.

Word Robot - Drag words into a grid to hear the robot say them.  Choose from a range of pre-made word sets, or customize the word sets to match your  current vocabulary word lists.  Hold the CTRL key and press “r” and record your own voice so the new words can be spoken as well!  It’s an ideal way to support word recognition and get students building their first simple sentences.   

Be forewarned…your students will ask to return to the computer lab again and again to play Tool Factory Beep! 

Where to Buy

Tool Factory Beep! is available from Tool Factory’s website or by purchase order.

Tool Factory Inc., 3336 Sunderland Hill Road, Sunderland, VT 05250
To Order: (800) 220-8386               Fax PO to: (802) 375-6860

Tool Factory Beep!

Grades PreK-3, Inclusive
Platform:         PC/MacX/Hybrid/Networkable/Linux
Item #:             2170
Single:            $49.95   Unlimited Network Site License:  $379.95


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