Tool Factory Launches Think About! For Reading Comprehension


Sunderland, VT June 16, 2006 - Think About! is Tool Factory’s newest program for reading comprehension.  Read, listen, and watch the adventures of Jasmine and Harry as they venture through relevant life situational events such as recycling, gardening, camping, and more.  As the short story is played teachers can choose to have the spoken text accompany the animation, thus strengthening reading skills.  Then have the students test their comprehension of the short story using different reinforcement activities based upon the story’s conversations and events.  Think About! teaches and reinforces reading comprehension skills with various activities based upon each short story.

A green progress bar allows students to track their progress and reveal the amount of activities they have yet to complete.  The program comes complete with clip art resources for additional class activities or worksheets, as well as an accompanying workbook.    Additional workbook support materials provide the stories in a textual format, with supporting classroom activities and lesson plans.  Record your voice reading the text of the story then play the recording back while watching the story for complete customization of the program. 

            A few questions in each comprehension activity will test a student’s command of the previous short story.  Wonderful strengthening activities especially for Dyslexic students with difficulties sequencing images as well as text! 

Comprehension activities include:

  • Matching - Match the sentence text, to the picture.
  • True False - Questions based on the stories conversation/events.
  • Sequencing pictures – Using visual images of the story line, place them in the correct sequence.
  • Sequencing text – Using short sentences from the text, place the text in the correct sequential order according to the story line.
  • Multiple choice – Given a sentence, choose in the appropriate word that best fits the sentence grammatically. 
  • Do you remember? – Questions poised not from the stories conversation/events but from the animation itself.  Students must learn to pay attention to all detail to answer these questions.

Teacher controls permit teachers to select the stories they wish their students to work on, and select comprehension activities they wish to test.  Printable student records allow teachers to view their students comprehension based upon the different reading activities, and track their progress.  Assessibility settings allow text to be placed blue on yellow, or yellow on blue, and toggle use of a switch or other comparable AT device. 

Where to Buy

Think About! is available from Tool Factory’s website or by purchase order.

Tool Factory Inc., 3336 Sunderland Hill Road, Sunderland, VT 05250
To Order: (800) 220-8386               Fax PO to: (802) 375-6860

Think About!

Grades 3-8, Inclusive
Platform:         PC/MacX/Hybrid/Networkable/Linux
Item #:             20109
Single:            $69.95   Unlimited Network Site License:  $529.95


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