Tool Factory Keyboarding Launches in Two Versions Tailored for Elementary and Secondary Learners 

Sunderland, VT, March 27, 2006 - Tool Factory launches 2 new keyboarding programs based on a proven system that has successfully taught 4,000,000 people to type worldwide. Tool Factory Keyboarding Skills intelligently tailors the coursework to the user’s demonstrated keyboarding level allowing secondary learners to master the keyboard in the shortest possible time. For elementary learners, Tool Factory’s Keyboarding Adventure adds a captivating storyline to the proven system. Young keyboardists embark on a journey through the Australian Outback in the search for a Kingdom of Eaz where everyone can type with 10 fingers.  Also look for the Spanish version for each just days away from completion! 

Tool Factory Keyboarding Adventure – Elementary Learners

Kewala the Koala and his trusty accomplices help students escape the dangerous dingo and other challenges to reach the Kingdom of Eaz. Using clever commentary and enthusiasm, Kewala continuously motivates elementary children to keep typing without ever knowing they are learning!

The program begins by illustrating proper posture and hand positioning in order to develop good habits right from the beginning. The first 8 adventures are combined with lessons designed to teach students to type with ten fingers. Exercises are modeled on English sentences and become part of a developing storyline. According to Wendy Thacker, keyboarding teacher at Poultney High School in Vermont, “The “journey” design was nice, it made the program feel more like a game than a lesson.” The storyline has the added benefit of improving the student’s ability to read-while-keyboarding. The 9th and 10th adventures develop speed and accuracy with hasty escapes from the wild dingos and sharks! 

At the end of each challenge Statements of Proficiency are provided to illustrate progress by detailing speed in words per minute (WPM) and accuracy.  Detailed reporting features will graph the student’s progress on each individual key, show average typing speeds, percentage of errors, when lessons were completed, and scores.  Now kids can easily see their problem areas and focus more attention where it is needed.   

At Montgomery Elementary, students were asking to play Tool Factory Keyboarding Adventure instead of going to recess.  Marianne Mulfinger, the Lead Technology Teacher reports, “I was surprised at how intent they became on trying to improve.  I was also surprised at how quickly they improved.  We did discover, however, that we needed to limit the time to 15-20 minutes since the students’ wrists became sore from holding them in the correct position!  I wish I had had this program at the beginning of the year!” 

Tool Factory Keyboarding Skills – Middle, High School, and Adult Learners


Over 3,000 institutions are already using the system to develop speed and accuracy. Designed for older students, teachers and parents alike, Tool Factory Keyboarding Skills monitors every keystroke to create a personal course for every learner, insuring that keyboarding skills are developed in the shortest possible time. Ideal for self-study, the friendly instructor reinforces lessons and patiently helps with small difficulties, providing extra exercises to eliminate weaknesses. Each lesson is modeled on English sentences, helping emerging typists to feel more relaxed as they construct familiar words. Occasional nonsense drills are included to build concentration and to practice unusual letter combinations. There is even a course for commonly used punctuation keys, a number keypad course, a speed builder and advanced user course.

Clear reports are displayed at the end of every lesson, and users can view progress at any time during the course with a Statement of Proficiency or Progress Reports. The Administrator program makes it simple to manage large user groups, sort and search data, print reports and generate completion certificates.

Where to Buy

Both versions are available from Tool Factory’s website or by purchase order.

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Tool Factory Keyboarding Adventure

Grades K-6, Inclusive
Platform:         PC/MacX/Hybrid/Networkable/Linux
Item #:             2150
Single:            $69.95   Unlimited Network Site License:  $699.95

Tool Factory Keyboarding Skills  

Grades 6-12 and adult, Inclusive
Platform:         PC/MacX/Hybrid/Networkable/Linux
Item #: 2151
Single:            $69.95   Unlimited Network Site License:  $699.95

Tool Factory Keyboarding – 2 Program Bundle

Get both Tool Factory Keyboarding programs and cover the complete range of learners, elementary through adult!

Item #:             2152

Single:            $119.95   Unlimited Network Site License:           $1,199.95


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