Creating New Experiments in the Field of Science with Science Diagrams

Sunderland, VT. January 11, 2006 - A new way to both learn and teach the mechanics of science has been created through Tool Factory's new program Science Diagrams. With the ease and wide array of clipart, teachers and students can access an assortment of pre-designed science diagrams, as well as create a few of their very own to save to the clipart library. Subjects such as chemistry, physics, optics, biology and more are explored in this program. This product is great for children designing their own experiments as well as teachers creating visual learning worksheets for students. According to Mike Smith, 30 year science teaching veteran: "Science Diagrams effortlessly allows construction and customizing of flow charts, cycles, and other science algorithms to suit any level of instruction."

Create a chemistry experiment showing the intricate set up of beakers, tubing, flasks and burners. Highlight different aspects of the earth during solar eclipses, or with the gravitational pull from the moon. Design a complex electrical circuit with magnets and motors. Edit the clipart to highlight the aspects of the circulatory system, use the pre-designed diagrams, or build your own. The possibilities are endless. This program allows students a visual way to explore science outside of the practical classroom. With the function of creating worksheets, exams, tests and student projects, teachers will find an array of uses of this product.


Tool Factory is a woman-owned, Vermont-based business with the goal to make a difference in US education by providing superior educational software. The catalog offers over 150 titles, including a suite of digital imaging products designed to maximize the use of digital imaging in the classroom. Teachers, students, and parents join the Tool Factory staff in testing products to ensure that they are easy to navigate, fun to use, and beneficial to the learning process. Tool Factory is now combining many of the special education and mainstream products to better serve the inclusion classroom.

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