Sunderland, VT April 19, 2006 – Tool Factory’s newest product is the most comprehensive profiling tool ever developed for sight, sound, movement, smell, taste, and touch! The SNOEZELEN Sensory Profiling and Assessment Tool, jointly developed by SEMERC and ROMPA, with the backing of the University of Southhampton, UK, is an assessment tool, which identifies areas of sensory need in individuals with limited cognitive function and physical disability. This easy-to-administer tool is great for establishing baseline competencies.  It provides comprehensive guidelines of how multi-sensory activity can be used, given the individual's sensory area of need. Get tips on selecting the most appropriate sensory equipment, activities are suggested, and guidance is provided for developing intervention programs. The software is ideal for educators working with severely disabled clients, adults with learning disabilities, mental health problems, head injury and stroke victims, dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.           

The therapist or teacher administers the test, with questions being answered on behalf of the target client or student. Begin by logging in as an Assessor, then logging in each of the students individually.  Educators can record medical history as well as additional information relating to the student.  Answer 10 questions in each of the sensory areas of sight, sound, movement, smell, taste, and touch. There are questions such as, “How often…” and, “Does the student react to (bright lights, loud sounds, etc.)…”. Answers are selected by the assessor and typically consist of: Never, Rarely, Frequently, Occasionally, All the time, or Don’t know. If unsure about which answer to select, a small bubble will appear to give the assessor an approximate number of times a week the activity should occur for each answer.  Examples are always provided to give more depth and understanding to the prompted questions. 

Questions can be answered in any order and tests can be paused without the risk of losing information.  Once completed, reports can be viewed in graphical form as well as raw scores, and data summary.  Report sheets can be personalized by adding comments, and then easily printed for IEPs, permanent records, and development of further intervention strategies.  The assessment can be repeated to monitor changes in behavior over time, and to review the effectiveness of intervention strategies.

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Snoezelen – The Sensory Assessment and Profiling Tool

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