Students Compose Music as Early as Age Three with Tool Factory Musical Monsters


Sunderland, VT June 2, 2006 –Tool Factory Musical Monsters is guaranteed to cause tapping toes and clapping hands!  Students build fantastic compositions with nothing more than simple mouse clicks. Each activity enables children to become familiar with important musical concepts such as melody, rhythm, pitch, tempo and timbre, while developing vital IT skills. Every mouse click and keystroke produces a delightful response and students quickly build confidence with complex musical theories. These three inter-related programs in the series vary in difficulty however they follow a similar structure so that students can transition seamlessly through the advancing set of courses. Tunes come to life and children will be engaged and entertained without ever knowing they are learning! The 3 CD set is made up of:

·        Mini Musical Monsters

·        Musical Monsters

·        More Musical Monsters 


The Musical Monsters Series is completely text-free, making it ideal for special education and visual and auditory learners. But don’t let the apparent simplicity fool you! The programs build students up to multi-part harmonies and complex phrasing in the development of complete musical scores.

Tool Factory Mini Musical Monsters  - Create melodies, compose songs and even learn the notes of popular tunes using Mini Musical Monsters!  Six engaging musical activities for 3 - 5 year-olds can be played by simply dragging and clicking on funny characters. Every item on the action packed screens makes a boink, buzz, or hum.  Preschoolers will have fun experimenting with dancing characters, rhythms and sound effects. 

Tool Factory Musical Monsters - Compose symphonies while learning the musical scale using Tool Factory Musical Monsters!  Create rhythms and melodies by placing the singing creatures onto the music board, then listen and watch the results! Students in grades 1-4 will quickly create their own sound patterns without assistance. They can listen to, evaluate and reshape the tunes they make, play them for others, and even incorporate them into live performances. Once finished, a quick click on the “MIDI” button will save each tune for a performance at a later date. The ease and variety of activities in this program will keep children entertained for hours!  Teacher controls allow for changing the difficulty levels (shrinking the size of the musical grid), switching instruments, or adjusting the tempo.  Musical Monsters is the perfect introduction to music-making for elementary classes.

Tool Factory More Musical Monsters - Building on the popular design of the original, More Musical Monsters is a more extensive music-making tool, ideal for the upper elementary classroom. Students choose the creature and assign a sound effect, then click their way to a masterpiece!  Once finished, click the MIDI button and save the composition for a later performance.  Teacher controls allow students to turn their recorded voices into sound samples, and then add them to their musical masterpieces!  Ready-made compositions, including nursery rhymes, can be loaded for demonstration and discussion.  Tool Factory More Musical Monsters also contains a library of resources such as, pre-recorded tunes, sounds samples and even printable lesson plans!

Where to Buy

The Tool Factory Musical Monsters series is available from Tool Factory’s website or by purchase order.

Tool Factory Inc., 3336 Sunderland Hill Road, Sunderland, VT 05250
To Order: (800) 220-8386               Fax PO to: (802) 375-6860

Tool Factory Mini Musical Monsters!

Grades PreK-1, Inclusive
Platform:         PC/MacX/Hybrid/Networkable/Linux
Item #:             2166
Single:            $44.95   Unlimited Network Site License:  $339.95

Tool Factory Musical Monsters!

Grades 1-4, Inclusive
Platform:         PC/MacX/Hybrid/Networkable/Linux
Item #:             2167
Single:            $44.95   Unlimited Network Site License:  $339.95

Tool Factory More Musical Monsters!

Grades 2-5, Inclusive
Platform:         PC/MacX/Hybrid/Networkable/Linux
Item #:             2168
Single:            $49.95   Unlimited Network Site License:  $379.95

Tool Factory Musical Monsters 3 CD Set!

Grades PreK-5, Inclusive
Platform:         PC/MacX/Hybrid/Networkable/Linux
Item #:             2169
Single:            $119.95   Unlimited Network Site License:           $899.95



Tool Factory is a woman-owned, Vermont-based business with the goal to make a difference in US education by providing superior educational software. The catalog offers over 150 titles, including a suite of digital imaging products designed to maximize the use of digital imaging in the classroom. Teachers, students, and parents join the Tool Factory staff in testing products to ensure that they are easy to navigate, fun to use, and beneficial to the learning process. Tool Factory is now combining many of the special education and mainstream products to better serve the inclusion classroom. 

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