Tool Factory Introduces b/d Letter Olympics for Dyslexia

Sunderland, VT July 31, 2006- Tool Factory has just launched a new reading program for students having difficulties distinguishing between the letters “b” and “d”. With a compelling sports theme, the B/D Letter Olympics lets students hurdle their way to reading comprehension, golf their way through dyslexia, and win all 6 Olympic events to become a fluent reader!  B/D Letter Olympics teaches young readers visual discrimination of the letters “b” and “d”, and reinforces this with letter writing activities and auditory stimulation.   

Events include tennis, bowling, skiing, hurdling, racecar driving, and golf. Preceding each athletic event students will participate in a letter formation task.  This task asks students to trace the target letter by clicking on blocks that compose the letter, in the appropriate order.  While “tracing”, an auditory reinforcement will repeatedly pronounce the sound that composes the target letter.  Next, learn to distinguish between the target letter and its opposition while participating in each Olympic event. Earn reward rounds for additional opportunities to score points.  The Olympic sports announcer directs students through each event then gives a score upon completion.  Begin with activities distinguishing between just the letter b and d, and then progress towards harder tasks such as mixed double letter identification.  B/D Letter Olympics is a wonderful program for students with dyslexia in need of additional resources.  

The activities target:

  • Visual motor skills.
  • Visual discrimination.
  • Figure ground skills.
  • Spatial awareness.

Detailed teacher options allow educators to assign skill level settings to individual students and create tailored assignments.  Extensive sound controls allow teachers to turn off reward sounds or auditory letter sound reinforcement.  Accessibility settings allow for use with a switch, and text can be displayed in blue-on-yellow or yellow-on-blue settings, making reading easier for students with dyslexia.    

Student records not only reveal the students scores on each Olympic event, but also the duration of play and printable visual records of each letter chosen incorrectly.  The program also comes with 35 printable PDF worksheets for practice outside of the classroom, and additional clip art so that teachers can create their own worksheets.  Fun activities and printable certificates of achievement will have your students begging for more time at the B/D Letter Olympics!

Where to Buy

Letter Olympics is available from Tool Factory’s website or by purchase order.

Tool Factory Inc., 3336 Sunderland Hill Road, Sunderland, VT 05250
To Order: (800) 220-8386               Fax PO to: (802) 375-6860

Letter Olympics

Grades K-2, Inclusive
Platform:         PC/MacX/Hybrid/Networkable/Linux/Switch Accessible
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