East Dorset, VT.  May 6, 2003—The Flying Carpet, the latest CD-ROM from Tool Factory, transports elementary students on a mathematical journey through Egypt, and won’t let them down until their mission is accomplished.  Gripping graphics, mesmerizing music, a cheerful guide, and tons of engaging activities keep kids going as they accumulate gold coins and tour around Egypt. 

 While the real goal of this exciting game-based software is to sharpen essential math skills, students are also motivated by an ongoing search for a pet.  At the beginning of the game, each student enters his or her name, and then selects and names a pet.  Lost in busy Cairo, this pet must be found in order for the program to be completed. 

Aboard The Flying Carpet, students soar over Cairo and other fascinating places such as the Oasis, the Pyramids, and the Sphinx, descending at each stage in the game to complete a variety of math activities.  In order to move from one level to the next, gold coins must be accumulated by solving math puzzles involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, money calculations, time, dates, geometry, measuring, and more.   A little fellow named Filuren responds to a click of the mouse by offering helpful tips to assist students as they navigate their way through the activities.  Students may save their position at any point in their journey, and simply begin where they left off the next time they log onto the program. 

There are plenty of opportunities to sharpen basic math skills throughout the program.  In order to complete one activity, you must color in a row of hexagons by solving a series of subtraction equations.  Two gold coins can be won at the dart board, where you must hit the numerical targets that will add up to the specified sum.  In Cairo, young shoppers are afforded the chance to practice price calculations as well as using scales to weigh items at a variety of outdoor shops.  In another activity, Filuren provides rulers to help you measure the length of your flying carpet!  Captivating games, symmetry puzzles, and logical challenges are sure to keep you on your toes as you keep an eye out for your missing pet.  This program is absolutely brimming with math activities, and even the most reluctant users will be thrilled by their Flying Carpet ride. 

Teachers will love the Flying Manager, a feature which allows them to set student passwords and track the progress of each student.  With the Flying Manager, teachers may also customize network settings such as sound, animation, music, printing settings, time allowed for each activity, and levels of difficulty. 

Minimum System Requirements

PC: Win 95+, 50 MB Space, Pentium, 32 Mb RAM

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