East Dorset, VT.  April 23, 2002 - Ancient Egyptian culture and modern mathematics merge in two of the most exciting and unique educational software programs on the market.  Chefren’s Pyramid and Cheops’ Pyramid lure students into the mysterious chambers of ancient pyramids where mathematical problems and cultural trivia await them.  Stunning graphics and intriguing music throughout both programs create an adventurous game environment for students as they solve problems and climb towards the top of each pyramid.

In Chefren’s Pyramid, elementary and middle school students progress through the tunnels and rooms of the pyramid, and can only escape through the exit at the top.  As they ascend, students encounter problems in categories such as geometry, percents, everyday math, mental arithmetic, approximation, and diagrams, with trivia questions about Egyptian culture scattered in for good measure.  In the “Addition Room”, correctly answer 10 basic addition problems in order to move on.  Crack the walls of “The 4 Sided Room” and escape by determining the perimeter and area of the room and naming geometric shapes.  Each room is a little more challenging than the next, and reaching the top is no small feat!  Fortunately, students can save their place in the program, and return to it the next time they are ready to enter the pyramid.   

High school students will find plenty of challenging problems to engage them in Cheops’ Pyramid.  Pieces of rope are the reward for correctly answered questions, and when students have earned enough rope they can progress to the next level.  The “Bicycle Room” requires you to answer a series of questions involving circumference, radius, and diameter.  The “Angle Room” and “Binary Room” present you with diagrams and accompanying problems to solve, while in another room you can play a game of Othello with Cheops!  In addition to Help, Rules, and other options, students can click on Library in the main menu to pull helpful encyclopedias off a bookshelf.  In each encyclopedia, an alphabetized list of topics will lead students to information they may need to solve the problems in the pyramid.  Topics covered in Cheops’ Pyramid  include: fractions and percents, equations and functions, diagrams, probability, trigonometry, geometry, number systems, and everyday math.

As in Chefren’s Pyramid, the graphics in this program are top-notch, and students won’t ever want to leave, but if they have to they can always save their position in the pyramid and return to it later.           

When entering Cheops’ Pyramid, you can choose to begin solving problems immediately, or you can click through a brief history chapter, in which you will learn about the actual Cheops’ Pyramid, including information about when it was built and theories about how it was constructed.  The program then dares you to search for the pyramid’s secret chamber by solving all the tasks in the program.  It’s hard to resist the challenge, and students of all abilities and interests will be truly captivated by the adventures Cheops’ Pyramid has to offer.  A reviewer at The Guardian has high praises for the program, writing, “The graphics are stunning.  The conclusion to Cheops’ Pyramid, where you escape in Leonardo’s Helicopter, is a minor classic of animation—and a worthy reward for mathematical adventures.”  Both Chefren’s Pyramid  and Cheops’ Pyramid are wonderful feats of software engineering that challenge and reward each student who dares to enter their chambers. 

Minimum System Requirements

Chefren’s Pyramid: PC: Win. 3.1+, 8Mb RAM, 4x CD, VGA

Cheops’ Pyramid: PC: Win 95+, Pentium PC, 16 Mb RAM, 4x CD, 16,000 colors

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