October 24, 2001, East Dorset, VT - Tool Factory is delighted to announce that 5 titles have each been awarded a Silver Award in the 2001 Practical Pre-School Awards. Titles include:


  • All About Number at Level 1
  • Leaps & Bounds 1
  • Leaps & Bounds 2
  • Microworlds 2000
  • Sequences

All About Number at Level 1

'An excellent resource for the reinforcement of number concepts, catering well for different levels of ability. It offers different ways to meet the learning objectives in the numeracy strategy, directly as a teacher resource or the children can access it for independent development.'

--Practical Pre-School Judging panel


Leaps & Bounds 1

'Leaps & Bounds 1 was particularly well-suited to younger members of the settings, with a couple of the groups looking forward to lengthier testing after completing their reports.'

--Practical Pre-School Judging panel


Leaps & Bounds 2

'Leaps & Bounds 2 proved appealing offering lots of scope for development, with children quickly picking out their favorites. The absence of voice is a plus for use of Leaps & Bounds in different countries [and does not restrict children with reading difficulties and younger children].'

--Practical Pre-School Judging panel


Microworlds 2000

'The children thoroughly enjoyed the Websworth character, looking for him to supply instructions which were clear and simple enough to allow some independent exploration and learning. All children loved the flushing toilet.'

--Practical Pre-School Judging panel



'Very popular with the children who asked for this CD time and time again in all groups. Particularly useful in one setting for older children with language problems, also helps with sequencing and mouse control. Learning was further reinforced with the accompanying card game which is included with the set.'

--Practical Pre-School Judging panel


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