East Dorset, VT. March 27, 2002 - The charming purple-clad guide Wizit dances onto your computer screen and immediately makes counting magical for young learners in a new software program called 123 CD.  Pre-school through first grade children delight in the antics of the adorable wizard who leads them through a variety of animated activities covering the first ten numbers.  The fully speech-supported program is great for non-readers and beginning readers.  Wizit gives kids all the instructions, reinforcement, and encouragement they need to begin counting to 10.

In Wizit’s Number Workshop, kids click on sailboats and frogs to hear numbers counted out loud.  As they watch each object sail or leap into a pond, numbers are shown and spoken.  Waving sailors or the unfurling tongues of swimming frogs congratulate kids when all the objects are moved into the pond.

Play Hide and Seek with numbers or help Wizit count out loud to determine “How many?”  Find teddy bears under numbered beds.  Click on eggs and watch baby chicks poke their heads through broken shells as numbers are highlighted below.  Put balloons and apples in Wizit’s basket to make matching sets for a selected number.  Count sets as young seedlings grow into yellow flowers, birds fly and chirp, sheep baa, and other wonderful animations provide vivid illustrations of numbers. 

Wizit watches from the corner of the screen as kids complete each activity.  He twirls, shouts “Yippee!” blows bubbles, dances in showers of sparkles, and celebrates in other ways for children’s success.  In the “How many now?” game, Wizit sits Buddha style and even begins to levitate when kids click on the correct number to label groups of pears, eggs, and other objects. 

Wizit’s Number Fun offers even more counting activities to keep kids totally engaged.  In “One bun in the sun” each number is presented with catchy rhymes such as “six chicks picking up sticks” and “ten hens in a secret den.”  Every rhyme is accompanied by an unforgettable animation.  A giant kangaroo hops across the screen wearing two huge shoes.  Such animations will remind parents of the superb programming of Sesame Street, which teaches numbers and letters to children with great success. 

Another comparison comes to mind when kids click into the “Ladders and Slides” activity.  The multi-tiers connected by colorful ladders and slides reminds users of the popular board game Chutes and Ladders.  Kids click on arrow controls to direct the little wizard to the number that matches the number of objects shown in a box. 

A shower of colorful sparkles and cheers congratulates kids when they direct Wizit to the correct number.

More rhyming fun is to be found in “One, two, come on you,” where children practice counting in two’s.  Finally, “Dress the teddies” give kids the pleasure of dropping teddy bears into dressing-up machines by matching the number of dots on the machines with the number on the sign held up by each teddy.  When the teddies reappear, they are dressed up in a variety outfits such as those of a  football player, a plumber, and an astronaut. 

It’s hard to say which of these many activities is kids’ favorite—they love them all!  Parents and teachers will also appreciate the option to individualize the program for each learner.  Select the numbers to be presented, the way in which they are presented (numerically or randomly), and the number of tries for each activity.  Kids will be completely engaged with 123 CD before they can count to three!

Minimum System Requirements

PC:  Win 3.1+, 486 66MHz, 8Mb RAM, 2X CD, sound card, SVGA.
Mac:  LC475, 8Mb RAM, 2X CD, 640x480, 256 colors.

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