Tool Factory's Educational Trainers

Mike Smith, PA - Mike brings an extensive and varied background to Tool Factory as a Trainer. He has presented at local, state, regional, and national science and technology conferences across the country. A 30-year veteran of teaching in the Pennsylvania public schools, Mike holds Bachelor and Master of Science degrees and teaching certificates in Geography, Earth and Space Science, General Science, Biology, and Photography. Prior to joining Tool Factory, Mike worked with the University of Alabama's Integrated Science Program as a teacher-trainer and consultant. He has photographed more than 200 weddings and numerous other events. Mike co-authored the "Digital Photography Guide for Educators" which is used in the curriculum for Tool Factory's Digital Camera workshops. Mike enjoys golf, bowling, and model railroading in his spare time in addition to volunteering with the Saxton Fire Company as a paramedic and certified firefighter. He also enjoys traveling the country with his wife, Robin and son, Neal. His ideal training lab? An enthusiastic and interested audience, lots of morning coffee, and a large package of Oreos.


Heike Hudson, OH - Enthusiastic, energetic, creative, and caring are all adjectives that have been used to describe Heike Hudson's approach to teaching and learning. As an educator and independent consultant/trainer, Heike is committed to working with administrators, teachers, and parents to achieve their potential in integrating technology in education. Heike has a Masters Degree in Educational Administration with certification as a HS & Elementary Principal and Assistant Superintendent, and teaching certification in special education, German, and English. In addition to teaching, she has been a Special Education Supervisor, Federal Grants Writer, Elementary Principal, Curriculum and Testing Director, and Technology and EMIS Coordinator. She has presented at conferences, as well as developing and implementing technology integration workshops in schools. In her other life, she enjoys boating, skiing, tennis, travel, biking, roller blading, concerts, reading, gardening, and keeping up with her kids.