Tool Factory Training Labs - Photo Gallery

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One of many Tool Factory catalogs.

Laura Cryer is one of the top specialist in the UK for teaching students with disabilities. She came from England to train!

Tool Factory's always has Vendor Hosted Rooms. We're keeping good company.

Every show guide usually has room listings. Tool Factory was listed on the right side of the page at MICCA.

Hewlett Packard and Smart sponsored computers and whiteboards at Tool Factory's lab at NSBA...a rare quite moment in the lab.

Apple sponsored our lab at METC. People were sitting on the floor!

Apple sponsored our labs at ICE in Indiana

Every chair is always full.

Digital Camera Workshops are the most popular.

Maryland educators are intent on learning. Bob Keddell runs a pilot program for us in Maryland.

The Pennsylvania PETE conference hasn't had an empty chair in 3 years. Thanks PETE!

Overflow seating in the back of the room is always full. Get there early.

HP/Compaq sponsored us at the Pennsylvania PETC conference.

Tool Factory puts a lot of work into building manuals for teachers.

Laura Cryer uses her British charm to dazzle the crowds.

Vendor hosted rooms are listed in the show guide at NSBA.

Tool Factory's Special Education catalog.


A typical training lab.

METC is always a great show.

Everyone leaves with smiles.

Dell usually sponsors the TCEA conference. Tool Factory sends the trainers.

Closing the Gap was a great place to learn about special education.

St. Louis educators are intent on learning about technology.

Tool Factory sponsors again!

George Ragsdale is a trainer at TCEA.

Olympus helps us deliver digital cameras at a training session in Tennessee.

Closing the Gap was great fun, but a bit crowded! Paul Nuttall, Director of SEMERC and top UK specialist, kept everyone laughing.

Toshiba has been a very supportive sponsor for three years. Thanks Toshiba! you know what we do in between sessions!

Julian is a future trainer. He's getting tips from trainer Stephen Brannan, on what to do in between sessions.

We really enjoyed our trip to Tennessee with Olympus. Teachers had fun learning about digital cameras.

Here is Tool Factory's show schedule.

Paul Nuttal, the director of SEMERC, visited from England to teach assistive technology.

Teachers are eager to learn in Minnesota.

Baltimore teachers took a digital camera workshop.

Teachers in Fort Worth, Texas are happy about training.

Tool Factory is always a show sponsor.

TCEA is always a success. Thanks Rusty Sinclair and the whole crew in Austin!

Heather Chirtea is one of many lead trainers. She is often a "Featured Speaker" or keynote.

We learned a lot about special education teaching in Minnesota.

Happy teachers at the T + L conference!